Sunniberg Bridge

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Sunniberg Bridge
Sunnibergbruecke nordwest.jpg
North West view
Coordinates Coordinates: 46°53′07″N 9°51′24″E / 46.885392°N 9.856625°E / 46.885392; 9.856625
Carries Motor vehicles
Crosses Landquart River
Locale Klosters
Design Extradosed bridge
Total length 526 m
Width 12.378 m
Designer Christian Menn
Opened 1998

The Sunniberg Bridge is an extradosed road bridge near Klosters in Switzerland. It is notable because of its innovative design and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The bridge was designed by Christian Menn together with Dialma Jakob Baenziger, Consulting Engineers, as an Extradosed bridge and received the Outstanding Structure Award in 2001.[1] It was built by Batigroup AG and Vetsch AG and was completed in 1998.[2]