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Sunny Delight Beverages Co. is the creator of SunnyD, formally known as Sunny Delight. It spun off from Procter & Gamble in 2004. The company is owned by Harvest Hill Beverage Company.


The company has one main headquarter located in Blue Ash, Ohio (Cincinnati mailing address) with a head count of 615 employees. Sunny Delight Beverages Co. 10300 Alliance Road, #500 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Manufacturing plants[edit]

There are 5 different manufacturing plants located in America:

·New Jersey: 10 Corn Road Dayton, New Jersey 08810-1527

·Texas: 4000 Howe Drive Sherman, Texas 75091

·Georgia: 7000 LaGrange Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia 30336

·California: 1230 North Tustin Avenue Anaheim, California 92807

·Massachusetts: 20 Harvard Road Littleton, Massachusetts 01460

Sustainability Efforts and Achievements[edit]

Sunny Delight has set goals in three sustainability areas: environmental, economic and social.[1] A quote from their CEO states: "We pursue sustainability because it so strongly fits with the personal values of those who manage SDBC every day. We want our company to be a positive force in our communities and to become a well-respected citizen. We want our families to be proud of the work we do every day".[2]

Environmental Efforts in 2013[edit]


  • Sunny Delight Beverages Company (SDBC) reduced packaging materials by 37 million pounds since 2005. Their corrugated reduction alone represented 26 million pounds.
  • 94.5% of transportation miles were on SmartWay-certified carriers
  • Continued use of a compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery fleet in the Los Angeles area created annualized savings of 320,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Realized a 23% reduction in carbon inventory versus previous year (in 2013)
  • Saw 13% reduction in per-unit non-product related water usage.
  • Reused, re-circulated or recycled 3.1 billion gallons of water in 2013.
  • Accomplished a 4.4% reduction in per-unit energy usage

Economic Achievements[edit]

SDBC seeks to increase profits through stewardship of resources and improvements in the taste, healthiness, and packaging of their products.

  • Recycling efforts are a revenue stream[3]
  • Introduced three new products that they believe will help increase revenue and volume as consumers become aware of and purchase them: SunnyD pouches geared toward the lunchbox occasion; SunnyD Chillers to satisfy consumers during thirstquenching occasions; and Sparkling Fruit2O to provide consumers with the excitement of carbonation married with natural fruit flavors and a trusted brand name.[4]
  • Significantly increased the use of aseptic packaging capability — a process generating great tasting, preservative free products.

Social Efforts[5][edit]

As of 2013, SDBC accomplished the following in employee health improvements:

  • Motivated healthy behavior changes by rewarding employees up to $300/year for maintaining/improving specific biometric measures.
  • Developed innovative competitions using employees’ Nike+Fuelbands to encourage exercise.

They also made significant contributions to local communities in the following ways:

  • Contributed $744,000 in monetary and product donations to more than 100 national and local organizations.
  • Donated another 234,000 books to classrooms through SunnyD Book Spree, for a total donation of more than $6 million worth of books since the program began in 2009.
  • Provided 85,000 meals to school children who rely on the school system for weekend meals through SunnyD’s Blessings in a Backpack promotion, which was a Partnership with the Blessings organization.

Sunny Delight Executive Team[edit]

  • John Childs-Chairman of the Board
  • William B. Cyr-President and CEO
  • William Schumaker-Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Burton-Vice President
  • John R. Crosetti-Senior Vice President of US Sales
  • Ellen Iobst-Senior Vice President and Supply Chain Design and Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Rick Zimmerman-Senior Vice President Business Development and Innovation

Sunny Delight Leadership Team[edit]

  • Daniel W. Coester-Vice President of the Wal-Mart Team
  • Joe Shankland-Vice President of DSD and Co-Packing
  • Daniel Sileo-Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Timothy Voelkerding-Vice President and Treasurer
  • Sue Williams-Vice President of Engineering
  • Athena Wong-Vice President of Human Resources
  • Eddie Young- Vice President of Sales Planning



  • 1963 Sunny Delight founded in Florida by 2 dads, Howard Dick and Phil Grinnell.
  • 1966 Purchased by Coca-Cola Bottling operation.
  • 1970 First production of Sunny Delight Florida Citrus Punch in Mt. Dora, FL.
  • 1982 Bottler sold Doric Foods to parent company, Coca-Cola.
  • 1983 Coca-Cola sold Doric Foods to a joint venture between Charterhouse Group International and American Fruit Co., creating Sundor Brands Inc.
  • 1989 Procter & Gamble acquired Sundor Brands Inc. and the growing Sunny Delight brand.
  • 1997 SunnyD expanded into Canada.
  • 1998 SunnyD expanded into Europe.
  • 2004 Sunny Delight Beverages Co. established when J. W. Childs, a Boston-based private equity firm, acquired Sunny Delight brands from Procter & Gamble.*
  • 2007 Elations U.S. national launch.
  • 2007 Veryfine and Fruit2O acquired from Kraft.
  • 2009 Bossa Nova acquired from founder.
  • 2011 Sunny Delight Europe sold to Orangina Schweppes.
  • 2016 Sunny Delight Beverages Co. sold by J. W. Childs to Brynwood Partners.[6]


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