Sunnyside Reservoir

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Sunnyside Reservoir
Location Richmond-upon-Thames
Coordinates 51°24′33″N 0°22′52″W / 51.4093°N 0.3811°W / 51.4093; -0.3811Coordinates: 51°24′33″N 0°22′52″W / 51.4093°N 0.3811°W / 51.4093; -0.3811
Type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom

Sunnyside Reservoir is a reservoir forming part of the Hampton waterworks complex within the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

The reservoir was originally built by the Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks Company for pre-treatment water storage, but is now used as a settlement lagoon for washwater from the adjacent treatment works before the water is discharged back to the River Thames. The reservoir is now owned and managed by Thames Water.

There was an idea to build a bridge for cyclist and pedestrians over the river adjacent to the reservoir in 2002, but this was very expensive and not progressed.[1]