Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum

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Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum
Established September 27, 2008
Location 570 E. Remington Drive, Sunnyvale, California, USA
Type Historical museum
Website [1]

The Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum is a historical museum located in Sunnyvale, California. Located next to the Sunnyvale Community Center and the Heritage Orchard, the museum is a replica of the original "Murphy Family Home".

The Martin Murphy family, founders of the City of Sunnyvale, constructed the Murphy Family Home in the 1850s. Since there were no sawmills near Sunnyvale at that time, the Murphy family had the home milled to their specifications in Bangor Maine, then shipped in pieces around Cape Horn to Sunnyvale, where it was later assembled. It was held together with wooden pegs and leather straps, and it was the first wood frame house in Sunnyvale. In 1958, the Murphy family home was made a California State Historical Landmark. In 1961, the house was demolished by the city due to extensive damage following a fire.[1]

The Sunnyvale Historical Museum was dedicated and opened to the general public in September, 2008, as a testament to the history of Sunnyvale and the contributions made by the Martin Murphy family towards the founding of Sunnyvale. It was funded through public donations and contributions from the State of California and the City of Sunnyvale.



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