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Sunopsis is a software company based near Lyon, France. It also has a United States headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts.[1] The company was bought by Oracle in October 2006.[1] The new name of Sunopsis is Oracle Data Integrator - ODI.[2]

Sunopsis products provide solutions for data warehousing, data integration, data migration, data synchronization and Master data management.

Major products[edit]

Sunopsis Data Conductor[edit]

A data integration software product for ETL projects, Sunopsis Data Conductor provides a business-rules-driven approach to defining data transformation and integration processes. It is based on an E-LT architecture.

Business-rules-driven Approach to Data Integration
Unlike traditional ETL tools that closely intermix data transformation rules with the procedural steps of the integration process and require the development of both data transformations and data flow, Data Conductor clearly separates the business rules (the “what”) from the actual implementation (the “how”). Business rules describing mappings and transformations are defined graphically, through a drag-and-drop interface, and stored independently from the implementation. Data Conductor generates the data flow automatically using code templates (Knowledge Modules), which can be fine tuned if required.
E-LT Architecture
Traditional ETL tools perform complex data transformations using proprietary, middle-tier ETL engines. Instead, Sunopsis uses the E-LT (Extract – Load & Transform) approach, wherein all data transformations are executed by the existing RDBMS engine(s).

Sunopsis Active Integration Platform[edit]

Sunopsis Active Integration Platform is an integration platform that unifies data-, event- and service-based (SOA) integration with a single user interface and a common business rules driven approach. The platform enables the enterprise to present a single view of its Information Systems, with a unified access model. Active Integration Platform is built around a persistent data and event database – the Active Integration Hub (AIH) – which essentially captures the superset of all data and business events contained in all systems linked by the Active Integration Platform.x

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