Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League

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Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League
Sport Rugby league
Instituted 1991
Ceased 1995
Replaced by 2011
Chief executive Martin O'Rouke
Number of teams 8
Country Sunraysia, Victoria, Australia
Holders Robinvale Storms
Most titles Robinvale Storms (2 titles)
Related competition Victoria Rugby League

The Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League is a rugby league football competition in New South Wales, Australia which was run under the auspices of the Country Rugby League & Victoria Rugby League. The group was formed in 1991 but was soon disbanded after just 4 seasons and was completely defunct after the 1995 season. This rugby league group covered an area in the far south west corner of the state, along with parts of Victoria. In 1997 Sunraysia entered a combined team in the Group 12 competition.[1] In 2011 the competition reformed and in 2012 the competition has five clubs. Sunraysia Riverlands Rugby League have been replaced by Sunraysia Rugby League, SRL has 5 rugby teams Mildura Tigers, Mildura Warriors, Chaffey Titians, Sunraysia Rabbitohs and Robinvale Storms

Known Teams[2] Championships Existence
Buronga 1 1991-?
Dareton Dragons 0  ?-1995
Euston Robinvale Sea Eagles 3  ?-1995
Mildura City 1 1991–1995
Murray Darling Eels 0 1991–1995
Wentworth 0  ?-1995


Club Suburb Ground
Buronga Darling Buronga
Chaffey Titans Mildura Chaffery Secondary College, Mildura
Dareton Dragons Dareton
Mildura City Tigers Mildura Nichols Point Reserve, Nichols Point
Mildura Warriors Mildura Nichols Point Reserve, Nichols Point
Murray Darling Bulls Mildura
Robinvale Storms Robinvale Robinvale Sports Ground
Sunraysia Rabbitohs Wentworth McLeod Oval, Wentworth


This is a list of the Sunraysia-Riverlands Rugby League 1st Grade competition champions and the runners-up for each of the 5 Seasons the competition existed. There was also other competitions which existed below the 1st Grade competition such as the Reserve Grade competition which operated a feeder-league to the 1st Grade competition.

Season Premiers Score Runners-Up
1991 Buronga Euston Robinvale
1992 Euston Robinvale
1993 Euston Robinvale 52-20 Murray Darling Eels
1994 Euston Robinvale 36-12 Murray Darling Eels
1995 Mildura City Tigers 30-22 Murray Darling Eels
2012[3] Chaffey Titans 34-26 Sunraysia Rabbitohs
2013[4] Chaffey Titans 22-20 Mildura City Tigers
2014[5] Robinvale Storms 20-6 Mildura Warriors
2015[6] Robinvale Storms 22-16 Chaffey Titans
2016 Robinvale Storms 28-20 Mildura City Tigers

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