Sunrise/Back to the Future

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Sunrise/Back to the Future
Genre Electronic music
Years active 1980s–1990s
Founded by Tony Colston-Hayter and Paul Staines

Sunrise/Back to the Future were acid house promoters in the UK, one of the most widely publicised.

One commentator states "Over the course of 1989, promoters such as World Dance, Genesis, Helter Skelter and Energy succeeded in setting acid house nights free of the urban core's constructions, staging ever more elaborate Orbital parties in borrowed and rented fields, the odd warehouse, or some other similarly vacant structure".[1]

Run by Tony Colston-Hayter and Paul Staines, the organisation was occasionally front-page news. In 1989, Colston-Hayter evaded imprisonment for organising an unlicensed party (Sunrise: A Midsummer Night's Dream at White Waltham Airfield aka "Ecstasy Airport") by claiming that he issued membership cards for Sunrise and it was a private party.[2] Shortly afterwards—on 8 July—he appeared in an After Dark television programme about gambling, alongside Victor Lownes and Al Alvarez among others.[3] In 2014, he was imprisoned for hacking several banks in London.[4][5]

Sunrise were instrumental in organising the Freedom to Party demonstrations and the free parties that followed alongside Genesis '88, Biology, Energy and Weekend World.[6][dead link]

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