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Sunset Alliance Records
Founded1999 (1999)
FounderSteve Lefever
David Jensen
Country of originU.S.
LocationMesa, Arizona

Sunset Alliance Records is an independent record label based in Mesa, Arizona. It is owned and operated by David Jensen.


After the release of a couple LPs featuring local rock bands, original owner and founder Steve Lefever had plans to let the label die.[1] Then, in 2000, he approached the then-frontman of Before Braille, Dave Jensen,[2] who had been working for two years to create a compilation album for the benefit of a local Phoenix art house and music venue, Modified Arts, and invited him to join in the management of Sunset Alliance and release that compilation on the label.[3][1] While Dave Jensen's original plans had been to release that record on his own start-up label, Aireshire Drive, he jumped at the opportunity.[3][1] In 2001, Dave Jensen took full ownership of the label and has managed it since.[1][4]

After a decade of operations, Sunset Alliance remains a small enterprise that focuses on local artists.[5] However, this has not kept the little label from attaining some significant national (and even international) success. During those first ten years, Sunset Alliance put out 46 releases, had three bands appear in the popular Emo Diaries series on Deep Elm Records,[6][7][8] found its bands charting on the CMJ 200,[9] sent its bands across the U.S. on concert and music festival tours, watched as some of its artists received international praise[10] and released their records in foreign markets, and has even applauded as one of its groups moved on to a major label.[11]

In January 2010, Sunset Alliance celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a revue show featuring some of its most successful bands, including: Before Braille, Fivespeed, The Player Piano, Novi Split, The Letterpress, and special guests Pinewood Derby.[12][13]


This list is compiled from information found on the Sunset Alliance website,[14] as well as through the label's discography.


Release number Title Artist Notes
SA 001 Fair Weather Fan Stereotyperider
SA 002 Uninvited Corrupt Citizen
SA 003 Born to Rock Redfield
SA 004 Self-titled EP Fivespeed Also known as the First of the Compact Cars EP
SA 005 Triplesplit Series, Vol. 1[15] Fivespeed, Before Braille, & Andherson
SA 006 Not One Light Red: A Modified Document Various Artists Released with This Argonaut Records for the benefit of Modified Arts.[16] Bands featured on the compilation: Seven Storey, Fivespeed, Sea of Cortez, Harcuvar, Go Big Casino (Jim Adkins/Jimmy Eat World), Pinewood Derby, Redfield, Before Braille, Sextet, Pollen, ...And Guppies Eat Their Young, Scott Tennent, Reubens Accomplice, Fightshy, Death of Marat, Chula, Half Visconte.
SA 007 Driving at 90mph Last Day Parade Released with Kickstart Audio
SA 008 The Night was Sultry The Manhattan Project
ALLY009 Trade in Your Halo Fivespeed
ALLY010 Two Years of Silence Split EP Felix & The Manhattan Project
ALLY011 Not One Light Red: A Desert Extended by Various Artists Bands featured on this release include: The Go Reflex, Cursive, Seven Storey, The Real Diego, Recover, Kristofer Astrom & Hidden Truck, Mock Orange, Bluetip, Fine China, The Format, Grey AM, Fivespeed, The Good Life, Fireside, Before Braille, J.Rawls, Bluebird, The Revolution Smile, Chris Mills, and Reubens Accomplice.
ALLY012 Lost Sight Redfield
ALLY013 His First Crush The Bled Released by Ride the Rocket Records. Sunset Alliance served as a distributive partner.
ALLY014 Melodic Array of Change The Necronauts Released with High School Football Records.
ALLY015 Self-titled Signedso
ALLY016 Self-titled The Player Piano The original LP had a limited release of 1000, hand-numbered copies.
ALLY017 What the Hell is Rock'n Roll Shotstar Released with Downfall Records
ALLY018 Self-titled EP Half Visconte Released by This Argonaut Records. Sunset Alliance served as a distributive partner.
ALLY019 Was it Fear Half Visconte
ALLY020 You're Causing a Scene Tickertape Parade Originally, this release was listed as number ALLY020 in the Sunset Alliance catalog.[17][18][19] However, for reasons that are not entirely clear, Tickertape Parade was "excommunicated" from the Sunset Alliance line-up and its catalog number was replaced by two other releases. The official Sunset Alliance website lacks any information concerning this recording or the band.
ALLY020A Self-titled The Retaliation for What They Have Done to Us The Retaliation for What They Have Done to Us was a "secret" project started by members of Before Braille while they were still under contract with Aezra Records.[20] They released this recording during that time, and it was later incorporated into the Sunset Alliance catalog.
ALLY020B The Rumor Before Braille The Rumor was originally released on Aezra Records.[21] Years later, Sunset Alliance purchased the rights to the album and thereafter has included it among its catalog of releases.
ALLY021 Keep Moving Novi Split
ALLY022 Obey the Cattle Rajiv Patel
ALLY023 Cattle Punching on a Jack Rabbit EP Before Braille This EP had a limited release, and preceded the full-length album, Tired of Not Being Away From Here.
ALLY024 Input/Output The Letterpress
ALLY025 Americopa Mantle, Vol. 1 Various Artists This release was made for the benefit of local artists.[22][23] It features: Before Braille, The Ruby Lee, The Go Reflex, Black Feet, Awake & Alert, Rajiv Patel, Sweet Bleeders, Not Quite Bernadette, and Wonderful Wednesday.
ALLY026 Of Black Water Rajiv Patel
ALLY027 Balance and Timing EP Before Braille Released with Bad News Bears Records. This was originally released as a "Holiday" EP.[24]
ALLY028 Tired of Not Being Away From Here Before Braille UK Import release with You and Whose Army? Records. Distributed in the U.S. by Sunset Alliance and Common Wall Media.
ALLY029 Satellite The Player Piano The Japanese re-release of original Self-titled LP with Friend of Mine Records. This release carries two extra tracks: Jazz Odyssey and Cotton Carolinae.[25]
ALLY030 Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People Art for Starters Two-disc LP, one disc being purely rock, while the other contains only acoustic songs.
ALLY031 Ham Hocks & Guitar Strings Mr. Fantastical
ALLY032 Kill the Messenger, Keep the Message Before Braille
ALLY033 Spring Cleaning Before Braille This album's full name is: Spring Cleaning...Cut, Clean, Scab, Scar, Rewind, Remind, Repeat. This record is essentially a compilation of B-sides and rareties, but it also contains some original Before Braille songs.
ALLY034 Get Phased EP Rajiv Patel Released first as a tour EP.
ALLY035 Step Up or Step Back (Single) Beninem Digital release only
ALLY036 Santa's Sleigh is Thumpin' (Single) Beninem Digital release only
ALLY037 One Liners (Single) Beninem Digital release only
ALLY038 Seconds Accumulate Dust Roger Over & Out Digital release only
ALLY039 Mark So Made Art for Starters Digital release only. This record features B-sides from the Drugs Made My Favorite Bands, Drugs Ruined My Favorite People Double-LP.
ALLY040 Sunset Alliance Discography 1999-2001 Various Artists Digital release only
ALLY041 Sunset Alliance Discography 2002-2004 Various Artists Digital release only
ALLY042 Sunset Alliance Discography 2005-2011 Various Artists Digital release only
ALLY043 Without Voice Art for Starters Digital release only
ALLY044 Without Instrument Art for Starters Digital release only
ALLY045 Instrumentals Before Braille Digital release only
ALLY046 Vocals Only Before Braille Digital release only
ALLY047 Faux Light Loyal Wife
ALLY048 Extended Stay Jeff Johnrey Digital release only
ALLY049 In Lieu of the Flu Sunset Alliance Mixtape, Vol. 1 Various Artists Digital release only available on Bandcamp
ALLY050 52nd Street Revisited 52nd Street Jazz Band
ALLY051 Keep Moving Disk 2 Novi Split B-Sides, rare tracks, and live recordings from Keep Moving-era; digital only release
ALLY052 Sugar Ox Captain Baby
ALLY053 Born to Boogie, Born to Die Mr. Fantastical
ALLY054 Sugar Ox Redux Various Artists A Bandcamp exclusive album released as a free download that contained remixed tracks from Captain Baby's debut, Sugar Ox. The artists contributing tracks were: D. Konopka (of OK Go), La Guerre, Grassfight, Octajohn, Hot Wheels, Reptoid, and Shunno). Released
ALLY055 Faux Light Instrumentals Loyal Wife Digital only release of Loyal Wife's debut album without any vocals.
ALLY056 Sugar Ox Instrumentals Captain Baby Digital only release of Captain Baby's debut album without any vocals.


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