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Sunset Cinema Club at the Tin Pan Alley Festival 2007

Sunset Cinema Club are a 3-piece band based in the Midlands, UK (Birmingham and home-town of Redditch). The group originally came together in 2001, originally as a hobby under the name "Peachfuzz". However, they eventually changed the name to "Sunset Cinema Club" in 2002. The group's name "Sunset Cinema Club'" was taken from the name of a Birmingham-based adult cinema that the childhood friends would often think about going into, but never did.

The groups sound has been coined by the NME as "Jitterpunk" (James Jam, NME 21 October 2006 pg.18) and is born of a melting pot of influences, all prominent in the mix - ranging from early Post-Hardcore (Fugazi, Minutemen), Post-Punk (Talking Heads, James Chance), Funk n’ Soul (Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang), Jazzy Psychedelia (Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart) and dischordant Indie of the early 90’s (Dinosaur Jr, Pixies).

Radio Acclaim[edit]

SCC have thrived off the support gained from admirers Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens (both BBC Radio 1) and John Kennedy (XFM) who have been playing various SCC demos on their respective radio shows for the past year[citation needed] – most notably the single Gojira Suit - which never made official release. In November 2006 they recorded their first Radio Session at Maida Vale Studios for Huw Stephens, and then another for John Kennedy at XFM in June 2007


Dom James - Guitar and Vocals Greg - Bass and Vocals John Maycroft - Drums and Vocals

Tropical Hotdog[edit]

The group started a monthly club night at Birmingham's Island Cocktail Bar in 2007, which ran up until Spring 2009 when it was put on hold indefinitely. Bands that played the night with SCC included 4 or 5 Magicians, Calories, Elle S'appelle, Gentle Friendly, SKELETONS!, Go Faster, Instruments, Johnny Foreigner, Lonely Ghosts, Wave Machines, William and The Young Playthings.


Homina Homina Homina (Knew Noise Recordings) 1. Baka! Nani O Shite Masu Ka! 2. Breast Strokes 3. Sunday Best 4. Hardcore 5. Gojira Suit 6. 7Eleven 7. Reflex DJ 8. Rant 9. Retirement Plan 10. Ninki Vs Dingle 11. Ready to Die 12. Jellygrinder 13. Trees

Planet Hotdog EP CDR (Self released) 1. Confectionery Hell 2. Sunday Best 3. 7Eleven 4. Reflex DJ 5. Lonely Bone 6. Rapunzel

Johnny Foreigner/Sunset Cinema Club Split Single 7" Vinyl (Laundrette Recording Company) Side A: Johnny Foreigner 1. Yes you talk too fast 2. Ninki vs. Dingle (SCC cover version) Side B: Sunset Cinema Club 1. Down on the farm 2. Candles (Jo-Fo cover version)

Gojira Suit CDR (Scruffy Bird Promo Only Release) 1. Gojira Suit 2. Pie Fingers

Rififi Sampler 7" Vinyl (Rififi Records) Side A: 1. Edmund – ‘Breaking into houses’ Side B: 2. Computer Club – ‘Snobs’ 3. Sunset Cinema Club – ‘Rant’

‘Gojira Suit’ appeared on the Dot to Dot 2007 CD sampler, and ‘Bus Stop Girl’ appeared on a promo-only CD free with Music Week magazine in June 2007

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