Sunset Grill (film)

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Sunset Grill
DVD cover
Directed by Kevin Connor
Produced by Faruque Ahmed
Written by Chip Walter
Marcus Wright
Faruque Ahmed
Starring Peter Weller
Lori Singer
Stacy Keach
Alexandra Paul
John Rhys-Davies
Music by Ken Thorne
Cinematography Douglas Milsome
Edited by Barry Peters
The Movie Group
Cinema Studio
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date
  • March 3, 1993 (1993-03-03)
Running time
103 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Sunset Grill is a 1993 American neo-noir mystery film starring Peter Weller as a private detective in Los Angeles. The movie co-stars Lori Singer and Stacy Keach, and was directed by Kevin Connor.


Ryder Hart is a private investigator and former police officer who is down on his luck and drinks too much. His estranged wife Anita runs a bar and restaurant called the Sunset Grill. Anita is romantically involved with Jeff Carruthers, a Los Angeles police detective who formerly worked with Hart.

Carruthers introduces Hart to a wealthy businessman, Harrison Shelgrove, and his alluring assistant Loren. When someone close to them is murdered, Hart and Carruthers team up to try to solve the crime.

In the course of their investigation they uncover another mystery involving illegal immigrants from Mexico, including two who worked at the Sunset Grill.


  • Peter Weller as Ryder Hart, a private detective with a drinking problem
  • Lori Singer as Loren, assistant to Harrison Shelgrove
  • Stacy Keach as Harrison Shelgrove, a wealthy oil executive and philanthropist
  • Alexandra Paul as Anita, Hart's estranged wife
  • Jonathan Rhys-Davies as Stockton, a corrupt INS police officer
  • Michael Anderson, Jr. as Jeff Carruthers, a police lieutenant and Anita's love interest
  • Randy Pelish as Dr. Tarbus, a medical researcher whose work is financed by Shelgrove
  • Pete Koch as Christian, a brutal thug
  • Michael Medeiros as Mule, a thug who works with Christian
  • Richard Coca as Ricardo, an employee of the Sunset Grill restaurant and bar
  • Michael Fernandes as Ramon, a leader of the undocumented immigrant community
  • Kelly Jo Minter as Joanna Ramirez, an INS police officer and Stockton's partner
  • Daniel Addes as Victor
  • Benito Martinez as Guillermo, an employee of the Sunset Grill who is killed in Tijuana
  • Woodford Croft as Mr. Pietrowski, a client of Hart
  • Sandra Wild as Mrs. Pietrowski, the subject of one of Hart's investigations