Sunset Peak (Hong Kong)

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Sunset Peak
Sunset Peak on a Sunny Day.jpg
View of Sunset Peak (2020)
Highest point
Elevation869 m (2,851 ft)
Hong Kong Principal Datum Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates22°15′26″N 113°57′10″E / 22.25722°N 113.95278°E / 22.25722; 113.95278Coordinates: 22°15′26″N 113°57′10″E / 22.25722°N 113.95278°E / 22.25722; 113.95278
Sunset Peak is located in Hong Kong
Sunset Peak
Sunset Peak
Location of Sunset Peak in Hong Kong
LocationSouthern Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Sunset Peak or Tai Tung Shan (Chinese: 大東山) is the third-highest peak in Hong Kong. It is situated on Lantau Island within Lantau South Country Park and Lantau North Country Park and stands at a height of 869 metres (2,851 ft) above sea level.[1][2][3] The second-highest Lantau Peak is located to the west of Sunset Peak.


The Cantonese name Tai Tung Shan (Chinese: 大東山; Jyutping: Daai6 Dung1 Saan1) literally means "Big East Mountain".

The sun sets on Sunset Peak. Viewed from Victoria Harbour.


Sunset Peak is only accessible by foot. It is located on section 2 of the 70-km long Lantau Trail. Section 2 is 6.5 km long and goes from Nam Shan Campsite west of Mui Wo on South Lantau Road (altitude about 120 m), to Pak Kung Au, another campsite on the Tung Chung Road (altitude about 340 m). Both campsites are served by a number of bus routes going to Mui Wo, Tung Chung, and other destinations on Lantau island.[4]

Sunset Peak Huts

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