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Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood

Sunset Sound Recorders is a recording studio in Hollywood, California, United States located at 6650 Sunset Boulevard.

The Sunset Sound Recorders complex was created by Walt Disney's Director of Recording, Tutti Camarata, from a collection of old commercial and residential buildings. At the encouragement of Disney himself, Camarata began the project in 1958, starting with a former automotive repair garage whose sloping floor would tend to reduce unwanted sonic standing wave reflections. Soon, the audio for many of Disney's early films was being recorded at the studio, including Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins, and 101 Dalmatians.[1]

Over 200 Gold records have been recorded at Sunset Sound, including albums by Prince with Purple Rain, the Rolling Stones with the legendary Exile on Main St., The Beach Boys with the landmark Pet Sounds album, Linda Ronstadt with her first disc for David Geffen's Asylum Records label Don't Cry Now, part of the Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy album, as well as hit albums for Elton John and Led Zeppelin.

The Doors recorded their first two albums, The Doors and Strange Days, at the studio. Recording sessions for Janis Joplin's posthumously-released album Pearl also took place here. Prior to the opening of 5150 Studios, Van Halen used Sunset Sound to record its first five albums.

In 1981, Sunset Sound Recorders owner Camarata purchased The Sound Factory, another Los Angeles recording studio founded by Moonglow Records and later purchased and developed by David Hassinger. The two studios now operate as Sunset Sound and The Sound Factory, respectively.


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