Sunshine / At the Drive-In

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Sunshine / At the Drive-In
Sunshine-At the Drive-In cover.png
EP by
Sunshine and At the Drive-In
ReleasedApril 13th, 2000[1]
RecordedSeptember 1999 / 2000
LabelBig Wheel Recreation[1]
ProducerAt the Drive-In
Sunshine and At the Drive-In chronology
Sunshine / At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

Sunshine / At the Drive-In is a split EP released under the independent record label Big Wheel Recreation on April 13, 2000. It featured songs by the Czech band Sunshine and the American band At the Drive-In. It was also released on vinyl[2] on 12-inch.[4]


The album itself does not include a cover, but only the disc and the case.[5] Anchored by the much more prominent At the Drive-In,[6] the split is actually dominated in length songs by Sunshine;[5] their three tracks elapse almost two-thirds of the album. The first song "Streamlined", which has been described as having a steady drum beat, odd noises and echoing guitar effects,[5] appears three times on the album; the second two being remixes of the same general loop.[7] For fans of At the Drive-In, this album, as well as another split they shared with Burning Airlines,[8] gave a taste of their music from their anticipated upcoming album, Relationship of Command.[5] At the Drive-In's two-song contribution bears a strong musical resemblance to their previous release, 1999's Vaya, as well as their subsequent full-length album, Relationship of Command. However, the split has a considerably lower level of production than Vaya, and lacks the full sound found on Relationship of Command, attributed to not having Ross Robinson producing it.[7] "Extracurricular" later appeared as one of two bonus tracks on the re-release of Relationship of Command.[9]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Rolling Stone3.5/5 stars[10]

Generally, reception for the album was positive,[10][11] and Matthieu Moquet of Mowno Magazine has called it "dark and phenomenal".[12] Also, the two bands have been said to complement each other well on this EP.[11] However, the third repetition of the song "Streamlined" left one critic tired of the EP,[5] and Sunshine / At the Drive-In has been described as decent, but not essential.[7]

Sunshine / At the Drive-In spent a total of three weeks on CMJ Radio charts, appearing first in the charts at #134 during the week of May 12, 2000.[13] By May 29, the EP had managed to reach its peak ranking at 60.[14]

Track listing[edit]

2."Streamlined" (Dead Elektro Mix; remixed by Bit BobTM)5:34
3."Streamlined" (Line Mix; remixed by the T-Boom)6:05
At the Drive-In
Total length:25:38




CMJ (2000) Peak
Top 75 Radio Airplay 60[14]


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