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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Pop
Instruments Singing
Years active 2007–2008

Sunshyne is the name of a British female pop group, formed by members of The 411 who played together in 2007 and 2008.


In September 2007, former members of the girl group The 411, Tanya Boniface and Tisha Martin announced that they were forming a new group called Sunshyne and Daizy Agnew, joined to make up the four piece. Daizy soon left and was replaced by Stephanie Barnes.

Sunshyne split up and Tanya and Tisha decided to reform The 411, with the new line up also including Carolyn Owlett, who was originally omitted during the last reformation of the group in 2007. Original member Suzie Furlonger was not involved, having decided to pursue other avenues. Since then, The 411 has split for a second time.


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