Sunt Förnuft

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Sunt Förnuft
Chief editor Åke Jungdalen
Former editors Sten Nordin
Categories Finance magazine
Business magazine
Circulation 43,500 (2014)
Publisher Skattebetalarnas förening
Year founded 1921; 97 years ago (1921)
Country Sweden
Based in Stockholm
Language Swedish
ISSN 0039-5455
OCLC number 17532258

Sunt Förnuft (meaning Common Sense in English) is a Swedish language finance magazine published in Stockholm, Sweden, and owned by the Swedish Taxpayers Association. Founded in 1921, it is one of the oldest magazines in the country.

History and profile[edit]

Sunt Förnuft was first published in 1921.[1][2] The magazine is owned and published by the Swedish Taxpayers Association (Skattebetalarnas förening).[1][3] The headquarters of the magazine is in Stockholm.[2]

Sten Nordin, former mayor of Stockholm, served as the chief editor of Sunt Förnuft,[4] which covers articles on taxes and economic development.[2] Åke Jungdalen is the chief editor of the magazine.[2]

In 2001 Sunt Förnuft had a circulation of 171,000 copies.[3] Its 2014 circulation was 43,500 copies.[2]

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