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Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, with the towers in the background

Suntec City is a major multi-use development located in Marina Centre, a subzone of the Downtown Core in Singapore. Construction began on 18 January 1992 (with earthworks) followed by full completion and opening on 22 July 1997.

Suntec City Office Towers houses a number of foreign diplomatic/non-diplomatic missions that are resident in Singapore. Embassy of Spain on the 39th floor of Tower 1, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office on the 34th floor of Tower 2, Embassy of Rwanda on the 14th floor of Tower 3, Embassy of Chile on the 24th floor of Tower 3, Embassy of Qatar on the 41st floor of Tower 3, and the Taiwan Trade Center on the 9th floor of Tower 4.


Suntec City was designed by Tsao & McKown Architects with emphasis on Chinese geomancy (feng shui). The five buildings and the convention center are arranged so that they look like a left hand when viewed aerially. The Fountain of Wealth appears like a golden ring in the palm of the hand. As the fountain is made of bronze, it is believed that the balance of metal and water paves the way for success. Further, the specially selected Chinese name, 新达, means "new achievement".[1]


  • The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) mentioned Suntec City as one of the largest commercial developments in Singapore.
  • Suntec City was awarded two FIABCI Prix d' Excellence awards for excellence in all aspects of real estate development (Overall winner and Commercial / Retail winner) in 1999.[2] Suntec has claimed other prizes,[3] including the 1998 Tourism Award from the Singapore Tourism Board.
  • Suntec City has been featured three times on The Amazing Race reality television show. Once on the US version Season 3 and twice on the Asian version in both Season 1 and Season 2.[4]
  • At the centre of Suntec City lies the Fountain of Wealth, which Suntec claims to be the largest fountain in the world;[5] this claim has however been contested, with Fountain Hills in Arizona also claiming the title. The Guinness World Records has recently withdrawn the "Largest Fountain" category from its website.

Suntec City office towers[edit]

Suntec City office towers comprise five buildings across Towers One to Five with four 45-storey and one 18-storey tower making up the five office towers at Suntec City. The latter has 28,000 square feet of net lettable floor area on each floor while the 45-storey towers consist of floor plates ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 square feet. In total, there are about 2.3 million square feet of office space. Tower One to Four is 45-storey representing the 4 fingers and Tower 5 is 18-storey representing the thumb.

The "Offshore Leak"[edit]

In the precincts of the Suntec Towers, are firms like Portcullis[6], which had become the focus of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in 2013 in their “Offshore Leak” reports. Laws like Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act or FATCA, which require banks in Singapore to automatically transmit the account data of American citizens to US authorities, are not present in many countries financial treaties, or are overlooked by erring serious fraud corrupt politicians. The focus of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in 2013 had been on two firms, which are Commonwealth Trust Limited (CTL) and Portcullis TrustNet[7].

Suntec City Mall[edit]

Suntec City Mall (Chinese: 新达城广场) is a shopping centre in Singapore, located within the Marina Centre subzone of the Downtown Core. Opened in 1994 together with initial phases of the Suntec City development, it was the largest shopping centre in Singapore with 888,000 square feet (82,500 m2) of retail space until the opening of VivoCity in 2006. It also offers a club house called the Suntec City Guild House located on the fifth storey.


The large size of the mall boasts some 360 outlets spread over 4 floors in an L-shaped configuration. To help shoppers to navigate around the mall, it was divided into four zones, namely:

  • The West Wing, located on the lower floors of the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, offering high-end international labels targeted specifically at convention delegates and tourists. It reopened in June 2013.
  • The North Wing includes high end tenants, and alfresco dining outlets.
  • The Fountain Terrace, is located around the Fountain of Wealth, and specialises in food and beverage outlets.
  • The East Wing at the north-eastern end of the mall is dedicated to entertainment, technology and lifestyle related tenants.

Suntec City hosted the countdown in 2016/17 from Channel 5 artistes.

Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre[edit]

The Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Chinese: 新達城新加坡國際會議展覽中心) was officially opened on 1 November 1994, and was previously known as the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre (SICEC). Its current name was adopted in 2004 as part of a rebranding exercise. The convention centre has a total of 100,000 square metres of space, over multiple levels.

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games[edit]

Located in the heart of Singapore's business district, the International Convention Centre (ICC) is also conveniently located near the IOC Family Hotels, which is just a 10-minute walk away. It hosted Boxing, Fencing, Handball, Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling during the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.[8]


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