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For the mountain in the Cusco Region, Peru, see Suntur (Cusco). For the manufacturer of Audio Video equipment in Switzerland, see Sondor. For the district in Peru, see Sondor District.
Sondor Archaeological site - overview.jpg
View of Suntur
Location Pacucha District, Andahuaylas Province, Apurímac Region, Peru
Sondor, view from above

Suntur (Quechua,[1][2] hispanicized spelling Sondor) is an archaeological site in Peru built by the Chanka people. The main part consists of a temple like structure used for religious and astronomical purposes. It is located in the Apurímac Region, Andahuaylas Province, Pacucha District.[3]


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Coordinates: 13°36′23″S 73°16′08″W / 13.6063°S 73.2689°W / -13.6063; -73.2689