Suomen huippumalli haussa

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Suomen huippumalli haussa
Genre Reality
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Anne Kukkohovi (2008–present)
Judges Current
Anne Kukkohovi
Saimi Hoyer
Sakari Majantie
Country of origin Finland
Location(s) Helsinki, Finland
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) FremantleMedia Finland
Original network Nelonen
Original release 6 April 2008 – present
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Suomen huippumalli haussa (English: Search for Finland's top model) is a Finnish reality show based on America's Next Top Model. The series premiered on 6 April 2008, on the Finnish channel Nelonen. The show is produced by FremantleMedia.

The winner of cycle one, Ani Alitalo, was awarded a €25,000 contract with Paparazzi Model Management, the front cover of Finnish Cosmopolitan and became a spokesperson for Max Factor. The winners of cycles two (Nanna Grundfeldt) and three (Jenna Kuokkanen) also won the same awards, however, there was no announced cash prize for the modeling contract, and there were two additional casting trips to Milan for Grundfeldt, and a trip to New York for Kuokkanen as part of the prize.

Show format[edit]

As on the American version of the show, each episode at least one reward challenge and at least one photo shoot take place, with one contestant eliminated at the end. The elimination process follows the same format as on the American version. This includes a call-out order based on each contestant's performance, and the two worst-performing contestants in danger of elimination (bottom two). In some cases, double eliminations and non-eliminations have taken place by consensus of the judging panel. Also, as on the American version the contestants receive sporadic "Anne mail" (Annepostia or posti Annelta) with hints for upcoming challenges. Each episode a guest judge sits on the panel.

Differences from the original series[edit]

Unlike on the American version, which generally has 13 or 14 contestants, the Finnish series begins with only 11 or 12 models.

There are fewer reward challenges, or challenges with winners but no reward. In the early cycles there were more photo shoots than on the American version, usually two per episode.

The finalists do not participate in a fashion show at the end of the competition. The final decision is based solely on the contestants’ photo portfolio and overall performance during the competition.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner(s)-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International destination(s)
1 6 April 2008 Ani Alitalo Darina Shved Mariem Sene, Armi Häikiö, Manon Mariaud, Daniela Sorvo, Tatjana Piper, Marje Milee Lanz, Mari Kohonen & Ana Bekteshi, Anu Jussila, Maria Rytkönen 12 Sweden
2 13 April 2009 Nanna Grundfeldt Anna-Kaisa Tyrväinen
Riina Roms
Essi Hellstén, Inka Tuominen, Ida Piipari, Anastassia Grishina, Blanche Malaka, Laura Merkel, Suvi Jokipii & Janina Stjernvall 11 France

Gran Canaria

3 12 April 2010 Jenna Kuokkanen Saara Sihvonen
Tiia Hakala
Anette Häikiö, Stephanie Cook, Krista Naumanen, Nina Puotiniemi, Nelli Sorvo & Anna Nevala, Ira Kaitazis, Mari Torni 11 Italy


4 12 September 2011 Anna-Sofia Ali-Sisto Helen Preis Hilda Nissinen, Roosa Puonti, Sahra Ali Mohamud & Janni Puuppo, Veronica Kontio, Mari Viitanen, Nelli Junttila, Elsi Pulkkinen, Eevi Nieminen, Minna Puro 12 United Kingdom


5 3 September 2012 Meri Ikonen Matleena Helander
Polina Hiekkala
Nelli-Kaneli Wasenius (quit), Nevena Ek, Malla Hyytiäinen, Katja Soisalo, Vilma Karjalainen, Sanna Takalampi, Viivi Luopa, Annika Åkerfeldt 11 Iceland

See also[edit]

  • Mallikoulu (English: Model School), another Finnish modelling competition, which aired in 2005, 2006 and 2015.

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