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Location Joutsa, Hirvensalmi and Pertunmaa
Coordinates 61°39.21′N 026°29.66′E / 61.65350°N 26.49433°E / 61.65350; 26.49433Coordinates: 61°39.21′N 026°29.66′E / 61.65350°N 26.49433°E / 61.65350; 26.49433
Type Lake
Catchment area Kymijoki
Basin countries Finland
Max. length 38 km (24 mi)
Surface area 149 km2 (58 sq mi)
Average depth 8.8 m (29 ft)
Max. depth 77 m (253 ft)
Water volume 0.7 km3 (0.17 cu mi)
Shore length1 627.254 km (389.758 mi)
Surface elevation 94 m (308 ft)
Frozen December–April
Islands Joussaari, Isosaari, Mankinsaari, Kuivassaari
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Suontee (also: Suonteejärvi) is a rather large lake in Finland. The northern part of the lake is located in the region of Central Finland, and the southern part in the region of Southern Savonia. The southern part is in a more natural state with very clear water, and it is included in the Natura 2000 conservation network of the EU. The protection area is 2 625 hectare. A typical bird there is the black-throated loon. In the past two big lakes, Suontee and Puula, were one lake until 1854, when the water level was lowered 2.5 meters. This has brought up geological stacks, which are formed by water.

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