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Supacat, officially Supacat Limited, is a British company which designs and manufactures high mobility vehicles. Established in 1981, and based at Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Supacat develops specialist vehicles (and other equipment) for both civil customers and the military. The current Managing Director is Nick Ames who joined the company in 2003.


Malaysian soldiers on board an ATMP
  • All Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP), a 6x6 now in its third generation. There are currently more than 200 ATMPs in service around the world.[1]
  • High Mobility Transporter (HMT) designed to meet mainly military needs for a light to medium load carrier. Supacat manufactures the HMT under licence from Lockheed Martin. The HMT is being produced as the HMT 400 (4x4), HMT 600 (6x6) and HMT Extenda (convertible 4x4 into 6x6). In 2001 a batch of 65 vehicles was ordered for United Kingdom Special Forces under project Mendacity,[2] while in 2004-5 the US Army's Delta Force received 47 similarly configured vehicles designated Marauders, the Danish Special Forces have 15 of these vehicles and Australia 31 (known as Narys),[3] alongside HMT Extendas[4]
    A Jackal as seen at the DVD show, Millbrook, UK.
    In 2014 the Australian Army awarded a further contract for 89 Special Operations Vehicle - Commando (SOC-Cdo) variants of the Extenda. These will be in four reconfigurable role versions.[5] Norway signed a contract for SUPACAT HMT EXTENDA for its special forces in 2015. Number unknown. Will be delivered between 2016-2019.[6][7]
  • Jackal or MWMIK (pronounced EmWimmick) or Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit, a family of 4x4 vehicles designed and developed by Supacat Ltd at their factory in Honiton, Devon (UK) for use by the British Army. It is based on the HMT (High Mobility Truck) 400 high-mobility 4×4 with small production runs are manufactured at the Honiton factory but larger batches are manufactured by Plymouth based company DML (part of Babcock Marine Services, owned by Babcock International Group), the initial order was for up to 100[8] and it was announced on 27 June 2008 that the MOD would be ordering a further 72.[9] The Coyote is the 6x6 variant. Both variants can be supplied with an optional mine blast and ballistic protection kit and can be fitted with a variety of mission specific hampers, weapons, communications, ISTAR and force protection equipment for a wide range of operational roles.
  • Supacat Protected Vehicle 400 Series (SPV400) and 6x6 SPV600.
  • Aerial glider winches and modified snowmobiles.
  • Lifeboat Launch and Recovery System (L&RS) for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).


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