Supari (film)

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Star cast in the film
Directed by Padam Kumar
Produced by Padam Kumar
Written by Padam Kumar Anuradha Tiwari
Starring Uday Chopra,
Rahul Dev,
Nandita Das,
Purab Kohli,
Nauheed Cyrusi,
Irrfan Khan
Music by Shekhar Ravjiani
Vishal Dadlani
Cinematography Velraj
Edited by Sanjay Verma
Lionheart Production House
Distributed by Aum Creations
Release dates
20 June 2003
Running time
152 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Supari is a Hindi action film, released in 2003, directed and produced by Padam Kumar and mostly shot in Canada, in and around Toronto, Niagara on the lake and Niagara Falls, ON by Roger Nair for Lionheart Production House. This was the first Bollywood film to be available online on a website Kazaa after the release.Uday Chopra, Rahul Dev, Nandita Das, Purab Kohli, Nauheed Cyrusi and Irrfan Khan star in lead roles. The story is set in the Mumbai underworld.


Aryan Pandit lives a middle-class lifestyle with his family in Nasik, India, where the entire family depend on his salesman father's earnings. He relocates to Mumbai's St. Andrews College with big dreams of being wealthy and driving a red Ferrari. He befriends three other middle-class youth: Papad, Mushy, and Chicken. He borrows money from Matka Rajan, gambles it, loses everything, and is unable to re-pay. As a result, Rajan sets his goons on him.

Aryan goes to a man named Baba for help, who in turn takes him to Mamta Sekhari. Sekhari offers to hire him as a hit man, agreeing to pay him 20,000 rupees for every killing, so that he can re-pay his gambling loan. Aryan reluctantly accepts, is trained by Baba to shoot a gun, and kills his first target, none other than Rajan himself. He tells his friends about his good fortune, and they join forces with him. In all killing contracts they are provided with a photograph, the location, and are instructed to look at the photo just 15 minutes before killing the person. In this manner the friends enjoy their new-found wealth. When Aryan's Parsi girlfriend, Dilnawaaz finds out, she wants him to quit. He does, but his friends refuse to let go of this easy money and luxurious life. Shortly thereafter, the trio are given a contract; before the killing they look at the photograph ... of Aryan. The trio knows that it is too late to back out of this 'supari' (contract killing). Soon events takes a worst turn as one by one gets killed. Chicken commits suicide and a gun battle ensues where Papad and Mushy are killed with Sekhari's men. Aryan puts everything to an end by killing Mamta Sekhari and Baba once and for all.




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