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SuperChannel, Super Channel or Super-channel may refer to:

Television channels:

  • Super Channel (Canada), a Canadian pay channel established in November 2007
  • Movie Central, the western Canadian pay channel known as "Superchannel" until 2001; ceased operations in 2016. Related to the above in name only, although both incarnations were established by the same organization
  • The Movie Network, a separate Canadian (formerly Eastern Canada only) pay channel known as "First Choice Superchannel" in the mid-1980s; related to the above in name only
  • NBC Europe, the defunct European satellite television channel known as "Super Channel" or "NBC Super Channel"
  • WACX, a religious TV station in Orlando, Florida that uses the SuperChannel branding
  • Super! drama TV, a Japanese TV Channel formerly known as Super Channel (or Super Channel Japan)
  • Super Channel (Fiji)


  • Super-channel, a type of combined networking channel in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

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