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Stable release / 2019-08-15[1]
Written inPascal[2]
Operating systemWindows 7+ and
Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Linux
Available inEnglish, Spanish, French
TypeUtility software

SuperCopier is file-copying software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.[3] It is superseded by Ultracopier, as noted on the SuperCopier official website.[4]



Main features include:[5]

  • pause/resume transfers
  • dynamic speed limitation
  • on-error resume
  • error/collision management
  • data security[6]
  • intelligent reorganization of transfer to do to optimize the performance[6]

Normal vs Ultimate version:

  • The code sources are exactly the same, and under the same licence
  • The basic ultimate version just include some alternate plugin
  • The optimized ultimate version includes CPU optimizations, but just via the CFLAGS. For Ultracopier, CPU optimization can be useless because of HDD usage and/or the source already being optimized; this will depends on each config.
  • All versions are without DRM (this is explicitly banned by the GPLv3 license), don't have copy protection, and can be redistributed freely.

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