SuperPaint (Macintosh)

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For the pioneering graphics program and framebuffer developed at Xerox PARC, see SuperPaint.
Developer(s) Silicon Beach Software
Initial release 1986; 31 years ago (1986)
Operating system System 4- System 6
System 7
Type Bitmap and vector-based image editing
License Proprietary

SuperPaint was a graphics program capable of both bitmap painting and vector drawing. It was originally written by William Snider, published by Silicon Beach Software, and originally released in 1986 for the Apple Macintosh. William Snider wrote and designed the program from his house on an Apple Lisa. Because there was no commercially available C compiler for the Mac at the time SuperPaint was ready to be compiled, it was done at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. SuperPaint was one of the first programs of its kind, combining the features of MacPaint and MacDraw. Later versions were published by Aldus until about 1992.

As it requires Classic, SuperPaint is unsupported as of Mac OS X version 10.5, but can still be used with the assistance of Mac OS emulators.

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