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SuperPretzel is a brand of frozen pretzels marketed by J & J Snack Foods Corporation. The basic product is a box containing 6 pretzels, which are designed to be heated in either the oven or microwave, as well as a packet of salt to add to the pretzels.

Also available are pretzel bites, with or without cheese in the middle. Other products may be available, varying by market locations.


In 1971, a man named Gerry Shreiber bought a struggling pretzel company in bankruptcy court for about $70,000. At the time, sports stadiums did not have much of a menu, and most people did not know what a soft pretzel was. However, stadium food turned out to be an excellent market. To build a display case, Shreiber used several metal hooks arranged in the shape of a tree, and built a glass case around it. He branded the name "SuperPretzel", due to his love of Superman.

When sales increased, the production line was expanded. He told his manufacturing engineer that he wanted a fully automated line. The engineer told him he was dreaming and called it "the dream line", but eventually it became a reality. As of April 2008, Shreiber and/or the SuperPretzel brand/company is worth over $100M.[1]


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