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SuperValu is a chain of franchised and associated grocery stores in Canada that currently operates entirely in the province of British Columbia. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, many SuperValu stores were created from former Loblaws stores. Loblaw Companies Limited (through its Westfair Foods division) supplies SuperValu stores and owns the SuperValu name.

In the mid-1970s, a larger version of SuperValu was created. Dubbed the Real Canadian Superstore, these warehouse-sized grocery stores were closer to department stores in scope. Today, only a handful of smaller SuperValu stores remain, all located in British Columbia, as most have either been rebranded as Extra Foods or expanded into Real Canadian Superstore outlets (or the related Real Canadian Wholesale Club).

Current locations[edit]

British Columbia[edit]

Atlantic SuperValu[edit]

Atlantic SuperValu Logo.png

Many new SuperValu locations appeared in the Maritimes in the early 1990s, operated by Atlantic Wholesalers, a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited. Some stores were rebrandings of other banners, including SaveEasy and Village Food Stores, while others were completely new. These stores operated under the name Atlantic SuperValu, typically with the slogan "Always More Value". These stores featured typical supermarket sections such as a seafood/deli (labelled "Atlantic Seafood and Deli Mart"), health and beauty section ("Personal Care"), bulk food section ("Wholesale Club Pack"), meat department ("Butchers Choice"), bakery ("Bakery in Store") and produce ("Fresh from the Fields"). Some locations also featured a small section of general merchandise called "Deal Zone".

Atlantic SuperValu stores have since been replaced by the larger Atlantic Superstore.

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