Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise

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Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft
Producer(s)Eiji Aoyama
Masaki Kobayashi
Programmer(s)Tsutomu Takano
Composer(s)Shinichiro Sato
Noritada Hiraki
Masato Shibata (Opening Song)
Taeko Makanae (Continue Song)
Takafumi Horio (Ending Song)
Platform(s)TurboGrafx-CD, Turbo Duo, Virtual Console
  • JP: July 30, 1993
Virtual Console
  • NA: November 19, 2007
  • JP: January 29, 2008
Genre(s)Scrolling shooter/Shoot 'em up
Mode(s)Single player

Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise, released in Japan as PC Genjin Series: CD Denjin: Rockabilly Tengoku (Japanese: PC原人シリーズ CD電人 ~ロカビリー天国~), is a horizontal scrolling shooter developed by Dual and published by Hudson Soft. It was released for the TurboGrafx-CD/TurboDuo in 1993, and was released on the Wii's Virtual Console on November 19, 2007 in North America.[1]

Super Air Zonk is the sequel to the 1992 game Air Zonk, both of which are part of the Bonk series of games. As a sequel, Super Air Zonk contains all new levels, assistants, and enemies, as well as a Red Book CD audio soundtrack consisting of rockabilly music. While the original Air Zonk relied heavily on multi-layer parallax scrolling, Super Air Zonk features mostly single plane backgrounds with a few exceptions.[2]


Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 5 out of 10, commenting that the game has very little action or intensity and is too easy by far.[3] GamePro also found the game to be too easy, but praised the controls, the animation, and the soundtrack, and noted that with only a slow trickle of games coming out for the Duo, owners of the console had little choice but to buy the game.[4]


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