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Super Basketball League (SBL)
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2017–18 SBL season
No. of teamsMen: 7
Women: 4
Country Republic of China
ContinentFIBA Asia (Asia)
Most recent
M: Pauian Archiland (5th title)
W: Cathay Life (12th title)
Most titlesM: Pauian Archiland (5 titles)
W: Cathay Life (12 titles)
Level on pyramid1
Official websiteM: SBL (in Chinese)
W: WSBL (in Chinese)

The Super Basketball League (simplified Chinese: 超级篮球联赛; traditional Chinese: 超級籃球聯賽; pinyin: Chāojí lánqiú liánsài), often abbreviated to the SBL, is the top-tier semi-professional men's basketball league in Taiwan. It was founded in 2003 and considered by many as the successor organization to the short-lived Chinese Basketball Alliance (simplified Chinese: 中华职业篮球联盟; traditional Chinese: 中華職業籃球聯盟; pinyin: Zhōnghuá zhíyè lánqiú liánméng; CBA), a men's professional basketball league that existed from 1994 to 1999 in Taiwan.

Current clubs[edit]

Currently there are seven teams competing in the SBL. They are as follows:


Champions and other postseason finishes are listed below:

Season Champions Runners-up Third Place Fourth Place
2003–2004 Yulon Dinos Sina Lions [1]
2004–2005 Yulon Dinos Dacin Tigers
2005–2006 Yulon Dinos Taiwan Beer Dacin Tigers Bank of Taiwan
2006–2007 Taiwan Beer Dacin Tigers Videoland Hunters [2] Yulon Dinos
2007–2008 Taiwan Beer Yulon Dinos dMedia Genies [3] Pauian Archiland
2008–2009 Dacin Tigers Taiwan Beer
2009–2010 Yulon Luxgen Dinos Dacin Tigers
2010–2011 Taiwan Beer Dacin Tigers
2011–2012 Pauian Archiland Dacin Tigers
2012–2013 Pauian Archiland Dacin Tigers
2013–2014 Pauian Archiland Taiwan Mobile Clouded Leopards[4]
2014–2015 Pauian Archiland Taiwan Beer
2015–2016 Taiwan Beer Pauian Archiland
2016–2017 Dacin Tigers Yulon Luxgen Dinos
2017–2018 Pauian Archiland Fubon Braves

League MVP[edit]

The winner of the Super Basketball League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is chosen by reporters. The recipients of the award are listed below:

Season Regular Season MVP Championship Series MVP
2003–2004 Tien Lei (田壘) Dacin Tigers Chen Hsin-An (陳信安) Yulon Dinos
2004–2005 Tien Lei Dacin Tigers Tseng Wen-Ting (曾文鼎) Yulon Dinos
2005–2006 Tien Lei Dacin Tigers Tseng Wen-Ting Yulon Dinos
2006–2007 Lin Chih-Chieh (林志傑) Taiwan Beer Lin Chih-Chieh Taiwan Beer
2007–2008 Chen Hsin-An (陳信安) Yulon Dinos Lin Chih-Chieh Taiwan Beer
2008–2009 Chang Chih-Feng (張智峰) Dacin Tigers Chang Chih-Feng Dacin Tigers
2009–2010 Tseng Wen-Ting Yulon Dinos Chen Chih-Chung (陳志忠) Yulon Dinos
2010–2011 Rashad Jennings Pure-Youth Yang Jing-Min (楊敬敏) Taiwan Beer
2011–2012 Quincy Davis Pauian Chen Shih-chieh (陳世杰) Pauian
2012–2013 Tsai Wen-Cheng (蔡文誠) Pauian Tsai Wen-Cheng (蔡文誠) Pauian
2013–2014 Liu Cheng (劉錚) Taiwan Beer Tsai Wen-Cheng (蔡文誠) Pauian
2014–2015 Chen Shun-Hsiang (陳順詳) Bank of Taiwan Garret Siler Pauian
2015–2016 Chou Yi-Hsiang (周儀翔) Dacin Tigers Patrick O'Bryant Taiwan Beer
2016–2017 Chou Yi-Hsiang (周儀翔) Dacin Tigers Su I-chieh (蘇翊傑) Dacin Tigers
2017–2018 Lu Cheng-Ju (呂政儒) Yulon Dinos Quincy Davis Pauian

Notable players[edit]


  • Chang Chih-Feng (張智峰): 6'0", one-time champion, one-time regular season and finals MVP, two-time All-SBL Team, one-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time steal champion
  • Chen Chih-Chung (陳志忠): 6'0", four-time champion, one-time finals MVP, three-time All-SBL Team, one-time Defensive Player of the Year, one-time assist champion, one-time Sixth Man of the Year
  • Lee Hsueh-Lin (李學林): 5'9", four-time champion, one-time All-SBL Team


  • Chen Hsin-An (陳信安): 6'5", two-time champion, one-time regular season MVP, one-time finals MVP, one-time All-SBL Team, one-time scoring champion
  • Lin Chih-Chieh (林志傑): 6'3", two-time champion, two-time finals MVP, one-time regular season MVP, three-time All-SBL Team, two-time scoring champion
  • Jonathan Sanders (桑德斯): 6'7", three-time All-SBL Team, three-time rebound champion, two-time assist champion, one-time Fighter of the Year (年度最佳鬥士) [5]
  • Tien Lei (田壘): 6'8", one-time champion, three-time regular season MVP, three-time All-SBL Team, three-time rebound champion, two-time scoring champion, one-time steal champion
  • Noel Felix
  • Marcus Fizer
  • Taylor King, Former McDonald's All-American and Duke basketball player


Women's Super Basketball League[edit]

There is also a Women's Super Basketball League (WSBL) in Taiwan, which comprises the following four teams:

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  1. ^ The Sina Lions are the precursor organization to the Pauian Archiland.
  2. ^ The Videoland Hunters are the precursor organization to the Fubon Braves.
  3. ^ The dMedia Genies are the precursor organization to the Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor.
  4. ^ The Taiwan Mobile Clouded Leopards are the precursor organization to the Fubon Braves.
  5. ^ The SBL Fighter of the Year award is distinct from the MVP award and is not created regularly. It is a rough equivalence to a sportsmanship award and would be given to the player who has won the most Fighter of the Week awards throughout a season when a yearly award is officially created. This has only happened in the 2003-2004 and the 2009-2010 seasons where veteran point guard Chou Chun-San (周俊三) and import forward Jonathan Sanders won the respective awards. The league has never explained the rationale behind its decision to create the Fighter of the Year award in certain seasons but not the others.

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