Super Bock

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Super Bock
Super Bock
Location Leça do Balio, Portugal Portugal
Active beers
Name Type
Super Bock Strong Pale Lager
Super Bock Stout Stout
Super Bock Abadia Wheat Beer
Super Bock Green Pale Lager
Super Bock Tango Pale Lager
Super Bock Twin Non-alcoholic beer
Super Bock Sem Alcool Non-alcoholic beer
Super Bock Preta Sem Alcool Wheat Beer
Super Bock Pessego Sem Alcool Peach flavoured non-alcoholic beer

Super Bock is a Portuguese brand of strong pale lager (bock) from the Unicer brewery which produces a range of beers under the same name. Established in 1927, Unicer is based in Leça do Balio, just outside the city of Porto, Portugal. Super Bock is the most popular beer in Portugal (42% market share, September 1998)[citation needed], especially in the north of the country, and competes well against Sagres and Coral (Madeira) in the rest of Portugal. It is the only beer to have won 26 consecutive gold medals in the "Monde Selection de la Qualite".[citation needed] However, Monde Selection awards are non-competitive and only products that pay to enter are judged. It is sold in 90% of restaurants and markets in Portugal,[citation needed] and in twenty-one countries including Angola, Bermuda, Canada, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel and the United States.

This beer has a cult status among English football supporters; many discovered it during the UEFA Euro 2004 championship in Portugal. However, its history with the supporters of Manchester United goes back into the early 1990s thanks to games against the likes of F.C. Porto in the UEFA Champions League and Boavista F.C. in the 2001–02 UEFA Champions League. The fondness for "Bock" has even developed a chant for trips over in Portugal – "Super Bock, superstar, gets you more pissed than Stella Artois".[citation needed]


Super Bock is available in several varieties, including:

  • Original (5.2% ABV): A lager beer.
  • Classic (5.8% ABV): A strong lager beer.
  • Abadia (6.4% ABV): A dark, wheat-based beer.
  • Stout (5% ABV): A black beer.
  • Green (4% ABV): A sweet pils with lemon flavouring.
  • Sem Álcool: Non-alcoholic variant.

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