Super Bunny

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Super Bunny
Super Bunny title.png
Developer(s)Vic Leone
Designer(s)Vic Leone
Platform(s)Apple II
Mode(s)Single player
Super Bunny appears.

Super Bunny is a 1983 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, written by Vic Leone and published by Datamost.[1]


The player starts as a defenseless rabbit, hopping from the left side of the screen to the right on scrolling platforms. The goal is to avoid the creatures that appear on the platforms and reach the carrot at the right side of the screen. Landing on ("eating") the carrot turns the rabbit into Super Bunny, at which point he must return to the starting position, dispatching creatures and earning points.

The game has a different saying and song for each level (e.g., "crunch those critters" and the song Here Comes Peter Cottontail!). Super Bunny is credited in the game's splash screen as Reginald Rabbit.[2]


  • Programmer: Vic Leone
  • Game concept: Bill Russell
  • Super Bunny concept: Gary Koffler
  • Graphics: Thomas Spears
  • Executive producer: Dave Gordon
  • Story: Dale Kranz
  • Music: Jon Rami and Dale Kranz
  • Cover art and illustrations: Martin Cannon
  • Cover copy: Dale Kranz
  • Art Director: Art Huff
  • Atari Conversion by Ryan Jones
  • Commodore 64 conversion by Philip Thomas Kovilakath


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