Super Chinese Fighter

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Super chinese fighter cover.jpg
Cover art of Super Chinese Fighter
Developer(s) Culture Brain
Publisher(s) Culture Brain
Series Super Chinese
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • JP: January 3, 1995
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Super Chinese Fighter (スーパーチャイニーズファイター) is a 1995 fighting game developed and published by Culture Brain for the Super Famicom exclusively in Japan. It is part of the Super Chinese series, but is not in the main series of the games. Fighter allows players to fight in fighting game battles using characters from the Super Chinese games, including Jack and Ryu.

This game is the first Super Chinese Fighter game. Two others, Super Chinese Fighter GB and Super Chinese Fighter EX, were released after this game, although none of these games were released in North America.


  • Jack
  • Ryu
  • Lin Lin
  • Poi
  • Donchyu
  • Robo No Hana
  • Astro Joe
  • Genziro
  • Kamanchyi
  • Gofire
  • Syuba
  • Bokuchin
  • Kyon2see


Jack, Ryu, Robo No Hana, Gofire, and Bokuchin would go on to cross over in the Hiryu No Ken series, in which Robo No Hana and Bokuchin would appear in Flying Dragon (SD Hiryu No Ken Twin) for the Nintendo 64 while Jack, Ryu, and Gofire would later appear with the two in the game's Japan-only sequel SD Hiryu No Ken Densetsu.

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