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Super Cr3w
Origin Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Genres B-boying, hip-hop dance
Years active 2000–Present
Members Michael "Mike Murda" Carrasco
Abenamar "Ben" Honrubia
Jon "Do-Knock" Cruz
Angelito “Vex”Casal
Ronnie "Ronnie Boy" Abaldonado
RJ "Rockadile" Puno
Steve Corral
Gibrahimer "Lil G" Tovar
Fabiano "Neguin" Lopez
Faye "Faye Boogie" Lim
Jalen "J-Styles" Testerman
Chris "Cristyle" Gatdula

Super Cr3w (pronounced "Super Crew" and also spelled "Super CR3W") is a breakdance crew from Las Vegas, Nevada who won the 2nd season of America's Best Dance Crew.

Early history[edit]

Before their popularity on ABDC, Super Cr3w was formed from three different b-boy dance crews (all from the west) and formed a "Super Crew" of their own.

Battle Monkeys
Jon “Do-Knock” Cruz
RJ "Rockadile" Puno
Angelito “Vex” Casal
Full Force Crew
Ronnie “Ronnieboy” Abaldonado
Faye "Faye Boogie" Lim
Chris "Cristyle" Gatdula
Angelito “Vex” Casal
RJ "Rockadile" Puno
Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio
Knucklehead Zoo
Michael "Mike Murda" Carrasco
Abenamar "Ben" Horubia

Connection with JabbaWockeeZ[edit]

"JabbaWockeeZ" and "Super CR3W" have a unique history together. Cristyle is a member of "Full Force Crew" with original "Super CR3W" member Ronnieboy before their ABDC wins. And in recent years, fellow '"JabbaWockeez" member Kid Rainen, had joined "Full Force", later adding "Super CR3W" members Do-Knock, Vex, & Rockadile to the crew. In May 2010, Jabbawockeez had their own show at the MGM Grand in Vegas and asked Ronnie, Do-Knock, Ben, and Rock from Super Cr3w to perform with them. Super Cr3w dressed up in masks and danced with the Jabbawockeez. The connection between the two crews is so strong that they often call themselves the "Super Wockeez" when they are together.

America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2[edit]

Super Cr3w became America's Best Dance Crew's season two champions in August 2008.

Season 2 Performances[edit]

Week Challenge Music Result
1: Crew's Choice Challenge Choose their own songs Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown Safe
2: Video Star Challenge Each crew was given a different video with a dance sequence in it Run It! by Chris Brown
3: Rock The Title Challenge Each crew was given a song whose title was used as inspiration for their performance We Fly High by Jim Jones
4: Speed Up Challenge Turn the slow songs to the fast song Creator by Santigold
5: Janet Jackson Challenge Give Janet a song with an incorporate moves Rhythm Nation and Black Cat by Janet Jackson Bottom 2
6: Bring The Beat Challenge Use the song and school subject as the dance routines Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'em) by Busta Rhymes
7: Missy Elliott Challenge Give the songs to Missy Elliott Shake Your Pom Pom and We Run This by Missy Elliott Safe
8: 80's theme Challenge Humpty dance Bust a Move by Young MC The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground Word Up! by Cameo
9: Championship Showdown 2 minutes Give It Up or Turn It Loose by James Brown Bottom 2
10: The Live Finale Partner:
SoReal Cru
"Puttin' on the Ritz", "It's Me Snitches" by Swizz Beatz and "In the Ayer" by Flo Rida Champions
Victory Dance after being announced season's 2 ABDC winners "Dope Boys" by The Game
Special: Champions for Charity Partners:
Quest Crew
We Are Heroes
"All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled with the past ABDC winners Helped for Charity
"ABCs by K'naan

Week 0: Live Audition’s Special[edit]

Aired on June 7, 2008 Super CR3W was introduced to audiences through a series of questions by judges JC Chasez, Shane Sparks and Lil Mama. JC Chasez asked to hear more about the "very accomplished B-boys" in the crew, to which Do-Knock replied about having "some nasty cats" on his squad, stating members' individual accomplishments such as Ronnie's 2007 Red Bull BC One championship, Murda and Ben's two-time Battle of the Year wins, and his own Star Search win.[1]

Week 1: Crew's Choice Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on June 19, 2008

Each crew performed to songs of their own choosing. Super CR3W selected the song "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown and performed in Ninja costumes.[2] Accordingly, their dance moves were Ninja-influenced. Super CR3W was in the bottom 5, but after their performance to "Get Up Offa That Thing", Super CR3W's fanbase quickly grew and Super Cr3w became one of the top contenders. Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas was seen during this episode holding up the Super CR3W hand sign right after their performance.

Week 2: Video Star Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on June 26, 2008

Each crew was given a different video with a dance sequence in it, which they had to perform while keeping their own style as a crew.[3] Super CR3W was given the music video for "Run It!" by Chris Brown. They used the element of krumping from the video and mixed it in with B-boy moves such as the deuce deuce. JC Chasez said afterward that he saw more tricks than dancing and would like to see actual dance moves incorporated into their next performance, to which Shane Sparks countered to by saying break dancing and tricks is dancing.

Week 3: Rock The Title Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on July 3, 2008

Each crew was given a song whose title was used as inspiration for their dance. Super CR3W received the song "We Fly High" by Jim Jones. As part of the challenge, they dressed in Clark Kent uniforms and performed "flying" moves such as Ben's air flare and the crew's airplane transformation. The judges, especially Shane Sparks, were ecstatic with Super CR3W's performance, complimenting the crew's ability to complete the challenge they were given. Chris Gatdula, member of The Jabbawockeez, Super CR3W and Full Force, from season 1 of America’s Best Dance Crew were seen wearing Super CR3W's T-shirts and cheering for them.[4]

Week 4: Speed Up Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on July 10, 2008

Crews must transition from a slow song to a faster one while still remaining on beat.[6] Super CR3W chose the song “Creator” by Santogold. Jon Cruz dressed as a graffiti artist while the rest of the crew were painted gold to replicate gold statues. For the challenge, the crew used the 6-step B-boy move at an incrementing speed to transition from slow to fast.[5]

Week 5: Janet Jackson Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on July 17, 2008

Each crew was given a Janet Jackson song and had to incorporate some of her moves into their dance, similar to the Michael Jackson challenge of Season 1.[7] Super CR3W received Black Cat by Janet Jackson. For the first time ever, Super CR3W was in the bottom two against A.S.I.I.D. However, Super Cr3w managed to beat A.S.I.I.D and remain in the competition. Shane Sparks told Super Cr3w that "they're finally back!"[6]

Week 6: Bring The Beat Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on July 24, 2008

Each crew was given a song and a school subject to use as the theme for this week's prop-oriented dance routines. Super CR3W was given the song "Don't Touch Me" by Busta Rhymes and the subject of basketball. For the second time in the show (and in a row), they were in the bottom two, this time against Supreme Soul, but once again they were saved from elimination.[7]

Week 7: Missy Elliott Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on July 31, 2008

Each crew was given a song by Missy Elliott and had to adapt the videos' innovative footwork to showcase their own style. Super CR3W was given the song "We Run This" by Missy Elliott They were not in the bottom 2 this time. All three judges gave them praise and positive feedback, and guest judge Missy Elliott claimed Super CR3W's choreography was so hot, they made her video "look wack" as a compliment to show how great their performance was.[8]

Week 8: 80's theme Challenge[edit]

  • Aired on August 7, 2008
  • Challenge #1: Groove Step Challenge

Using the songs Bust A Move by Young MC, Humpty Dance by Digital Underground and Word Up by Cameo, Super CR3W had to create a routine using a dance from the 80s. Like the "Dance Craze Challenge" from Season 1, crews were given a physical challenge to complete during their routine. Super CR3W had to perform the Humpty Dance with only 4 feet on the floor.

  • Challenge #2: Dance Movie Challenge

Crews must create a routine that incorporates elements of an 80s dance movie. Similar to the "Broadway Challenge" from Season 1, crews were given remixed versions of the songs from their respective movies. Super CR3W were given the movie Footloose. All three judges gave Super CR3W high praises for both of their amazing performances this week.[9]

Week 9: Championship Showdown[edit]

  • Aired August 14, 2008

World Dance Challenge Both crews had to create a 2-minute routine that had different forms of world dance such as Latin, Reggae, Punjabi dance, and African Music. The songs included "Mas Que Nada" by Sérgio Mendes featuring The Black Eyed Peas, "We Be Burnin'" by Sean Paul, "The Anthem" by Pitbull featuring Lil Jon, and "Mundian to Bach Ke" by Panjabi MC featuring Twista. Only Super Cr3w received raving reviews from the judges

  • Dance Craze Challenge

Both crews had to create their own dance craze and had to record their own music for it. Super Crew recorded "S to the chest" by Super Cr3w.

  • Final Challenge: Your Last Word Challenge

Crews will create a routine that shows why they should be crowned "America’s Best Dance Crew". Super Cr3w performed to Give It Up or Turn It Loose by James Brown.[10]

Week 10: Live Finale[edit]

  • Aired August 21, 2008

Super Cr3w and SoReal Cru opened the show with a special performance together. SuperCr3w came out in a jacket that was half of the Philippine flag and half of the Puerto Rican flag because half the crew was Filipino the other half is Puerto Rican. All crews later came together to dance for their respective regions, and Super Cr3w teamed up with Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul to represent the west coast. A total of 39 million votes were submitted and Super Cr3w were crowned the title of America’s Best Dance Crew.[11]

Other appearances[edit]



Big Competitions


  • 2010–present: Rock, Ben, Do-Knock, and Ronnie dress as Jabbawockeez for the daily "Mus.I.C" Las Vegas Show at the Monte Carlo.


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