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Super Cruiserweight is a weight class in combat sports.

Class description[edit]

Super cruiserweights, also called Junior Heavyweights, have been describing as being in the gray 'zone' of 190 to 210 pounds by the IBA for world title purposes. The so-called categorization has gone as high in weight in description as 210 to 250 pounds by others. There is no general consensus on the upper and lower weight limits. This division encompasses what most governing bodies consider to be heavier cruiserweight fighters, or lighter heavyweights. It was introduced because of the growing number of heavyweights who are well in excess of their division's minimum (200 lbs) and the likelihood of mismatches between men who are considerably different in size, but are both "heavyweights".[1]

Neither BoxRec or nor any major sanctioning body currently recognizes this division officially, although the minor International Boxing Association does have a champion and produces rankings.

Division fight[edit]

Few famed fighters have fought for or are even aware of the so-called super cruiserweight title. The most famous fighter to have fought in the mystery division was James Toney. Former middleweight and super middleweight world champion Toney fought for the IBA super-cruiserweight title in 2001. Toney won the title by a second-round knockout over journeyman Saul Montana, but never defended it.[2] Instead, he moved back down to the regular cruiserweight division, and won a world title there two years later.[3]

Former heavyweight contender Orlin Norris won the vacant IBC Super Cruiserweight title by decisioning Adolfo Washington over 12 rounds in Michigan in 1998, and defended it by 12-round decision over former WBA World Cruiserweight champion Nate Miller in Louisiana later the same year. The late Greenland born Tue Bjorn Thomsen of Denmark, a heavyweight southpaw, won the vacant IBC Super Cruiserweight title by decisioning Nate Miller in Denmark in 2000 over 12 rounds. Thomsen defending the title by 12-round decision over Rob Calloway in 2001.[4]

Rather than fight in this division, many fighters are often considered to be between cruiserweight and heavyweight in categorization, such as former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion David Haye, who had to lose weight to fight in the cruiserweight division, while his natural body weight, while over 200 pounds, makes him considered by some experts to be somewhat small in weight for the modern heavyweight he subsequently fought in successfully.


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