Super Duper Sumos

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Super Duper Sumos
Genre Animated
Created by Kevin O'Donnell and Vincent Nguyen
Voices of Matt Hill
Ben Hur
Cusse Mankuma
Richard Newman
Deborah DeMille
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time Approximately 22 minutes
Production company(s) DiC Entertainment
Original network Nickelodeon
Original release April 7, 2002 (2002-04-07) – February 2, 2003 (2003-02-02)

Super Duper Sumos is an American animated series that is produced by DiC Entertainment.[1] It was created by Kevin O'Donnell and Vincent Nguyen. It was aired from 2002 to 2003 on Nickelodeon in the United States. Super Duper Sumos later reran on This TV from September 27, 2011 to September 30, 2012.


The main plot for the series was for the crimefighting sumo wrestlers to go on an adventure and fight using their buttocks. There were three sumo wrestlers called Booma, Kimo and Mamoo.

A typical episode consisted of "Bad Inc" trying to destroy Generic City by numerously themed ways, although almost all of their plans involved giant monsters. The head of Bad Inc, Ms. Mister, usually assigned the in-house mad-scientist Stinger to create these evil monsters. At the end of each episode, Ms. Mister fires Stinger for failing to create an unstoppable monster (although he always appears employed in the next episode and is never actually fired). Every episode contained gratuitous use of the word "butt".

In every episode the three wrestlers use "Sumo Size". This makes them stronger, more muscular and considerably larger. Each sumo has a characteristic move they use when "Sumo Sized", usually the three sumos initiate their attack one after another in the same order. Often in times of trouble, the sumos undertake a flashback remembering something Wisdom San (their teacher) taught them. They also may get advice from Prima, who is the sumos' friend and encouraging sidekick who often follows them and acts the most sensibly. Throughout the whole series, each sumo fights for their own cause (they draw their abilities from a force known as 'P.H.A.T.', standing for Peace, Honor And Truth).



  • Mamoo: The Afro-Caribbean sumo who is their most sensible member and unofficial leader, fighting for Truth. He likes to cook as well as eat and was disheartened after losing a cooking challenge on a show sponsored by Bad Inc, regaining his confidence after realizing that the challenge was (obviously) rigged. His special move is 'Sumo Squeeze', where he grabs an opponent from behind and gives them a powerful bear hug.
  • Kimo: The Asian sumo who resembles a samurai and has a Zen-like attitude to life, fighting for Honour. He is apparently precognitive, as his younger self foresaw the Sumos' battles against Bad Inc. His special move is 'Honourable Thunderball', which involves him rolling into a ball and launching himself at an opponent.
  • Booma: The Caucasian sumo who talks like a surfer and is the most enthusiastic and childlike, fighting for Peace. He is obsessed with his large butt and proudly talks about it in every episode. His special move is 'Gluteus Maximus', involving him landing on an opponent butt-first and squashing them.
  • Prima: A small, thin girl who acts as the Sumos' sidekick and helps them out however she can, although their dim-witted and childish ways often annoy her.
  • Wisdom San: The Sumos' yogi-like teacher, who raised them from infancy and taught them the ways of P.H.A.T. He is usually seen in flashbacks, but sometimes appears in contemporary sections of the episode. He resembles an Eastern mystic, seems to wear nothing apart from sandals (although this is debatable, as his beard covers most of his body) and is often seen meditating, levitating, or both. He found raising the Sumos incredibly frustrating due to their greed and clumsiness.
  • Shemo: The Sumos' long lost sister, she was separated from them as a baby when baby Booma accidentally knocked her down Wisdom San's mountain home. She was consequently raised by a herd of yaks (who somehow knew the ways of P.H.A.T.) and grew up to be the superheroic guardian of Kyoto and its yak population. When Bad Inc devastated the city and kidnapped the yaks and the mayor, Shemo travelled to Generic City to get them back. She turned out to be a better fighter than the boys and turned down their help, but they had to rescue her after Bad Inc captured her. The four Sumos then defeated Bad Inc together and Shemo, politely refusing the offer to stay with her 'brothers', returned to Kyoto.


  • Ms. Mister: The CEO of Bad Inc, who is constantly infuriated by their inability to defeat the Sumos.
  • Billy "BS" Swift: Invariably clad in a black polo neck and sunglasses, he seems to be the administration of Bad Inc. Dr. Stinger seems to view him as a love rival, but BS has no interest in Ms. Mister (apart from trying to make sure their plan actually works so she won't yell at him).
  • Dr. Stinger: A green-skinned, hunchbacked mad scientist who is employed to create the various giant monsters and robots used in Bad Inc's plans. He is romantically obsessed with Ms. Mister and a bit too childish to be an effective villain. A running gag is Ms. Mister firing him, usually very loudly.
  • Ghengis: A ghostly entity who constantly lectures the other villains, insisting that evil was more effective in his day. He tried to conquer the world long ago, but was opposed and thwarted by Wisdom San.
  • The Evil Sumos: Originally created to oppose the Super Duper Sumos, they occasionally make reappearances acting as Bad Inc's 'muscle'. They consist of He of the Extra Arms (counterpart of Mamoo), He of the Big Iron Chest (counterpart of Kimo) and He of the Third Butt Cheek (counterpart of Booma).

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Episode # Title
1 "Binky Did a Bad Bad Thing"
Dr. Stinger transforms his beloved teddy bear Binky into a giant robot.
2 "The Seven Sumorai"
3 "Basho Crasho Sumos"
4 "The Incredible Shrinking Butt"
Booma loses the will to fight after Bad Inc's shrinking formula shrinks his butt.
5 "Dance of the Sugar Plum Sumos"
6 "Eviction Conviction"
7 "Beach Blanket Sumos"
The Sumos' day at the beach is ruined by Bad Inc's robot shark.
8 "Handle with Care"
9 "Rest Area 51"
10 "Car Yak'd"
11 "Yak Derby"
12 "Sumos on Ice"
13 "Back to School"
The Sumos go undercover to help a high-school student who is receiving threatening letters.

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Title
14 "Phat to the Phuture"
Bad Inc invent a time-travelling umbrella and try to wipe the Sumos from existence.
15 "Honour Thy Phather"
16 "Sumos on a Hot Tin Roof"
17 "No Lie Pie"
18 "Pinch Me I'm Steaming"
19 "To Serve and Neglect"
20 "Santa's a Big Fat Sumo"
21 "The Girth of Cool"
22 "A Clock Work Sumo"
Bad Inc replace Kimo with a robot.
23 "I'm Too Sexy for my Butt"
24 "Miniature Golf Madness"
25 "Shemo the Fourth Sumoteer"
The Sumos are reunited with their long lost sister.
26 "That was Zen This is Tao"

Running gags[edit]

  • Booma always talks about his butt.
  • Stinger keeps getting fired by Ms. Mister in every ending episode.
  • The sumos keep doing flashbacks to their time of training with Wisdom San.

Voics Cast[edit]

Additional Voice cast[edit]

Guest stars[edit]

DVD release[edit]

During the show's run, ADV Films released DVDs of the series. Later, on July 27, 2010, Mill Creek Entertainment released a 10 episode best of collection entitled Super Duper Sumos: They've Got Guts! on DVD in Region 1.[2]

Video game[edit]

A video game based on the series for the Game Boy Advance was developed by Midway Games and released on October 26, 2003.[3] A PlayStation 2 game was planned but never surfaced.[4]


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