Super Junior Mini-Drama

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Super Junior Mini-Drama
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 5
Original network Mnet
Original release August 16 – September 5, 2006

Super Junior Mini-Drama, also called Super Junior Drama Series or Super Junior Productions, was a variety game show hosted by the Korean boy band Super Junior where they would write, produce and star in their own drama series. It first aired on August 16, 2006 on M-Net.

Before each drama episode, the members will play games to determine which of two teams Prince Team or Pearl Blue Team they will be part of. The winning team will get a bonus feature for their drama. Their performances are judged and rated online, and at the end whichever team gets the most points receives a vacation to Japan.


Not all of the 13 Super Junior members participate in the show.

Episode 1[edit]

The members hold a press conference announcing they will split up into two groups. However, it is revealed to be a prank on the media in order to promote the show. They are then gathered in a room and are greeted by a monitor showing a woman; the only things visible are her red lips and mole. She introduces herself as Chosen Girl and informs them of what to do in order to split up into teams.

Theme: Horror[edit]


  • Pick the Orange Ball (determining the leaders)
  • Food Expression
  • Drama Scene Reenactments (Goong and My Girl)

Winning team: Prince

Bonus: A pretty girl and a love story, a member exchange

Losing team punishment: Film a ghost in a dark room

Prince Team: 11:04 PM[edit]

Team: Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Yesung, Leeteuk

Prince is a popular boy band who has achieved No. 1 in the charts after debuting for two weeks. One night, during a performance of Endless Moment, Kyuhyun sees the ghost figure of a female girl in the crowd and is shaken. Shortly afterward, on his way up to Prince’s apartment, Sungmin sees the same ghost pass by him and is terrified. Later that night, Leeteuk has a dream in which the cordi noona turns into the ghost and strangles him. When he wakes up from his nightmare, Leeteuk discovers a strange mark on his neck. As he tells the members of Prince about his dream, Yesung walks in and informs everyone that the girl living in the unit below them committed suicide at 11 pm on the night of their first No. 1 celebration party. But did she really kill herself? When Prince discovers that Kyuhyun threw firecrackers from the balcony on the night of their first celebration party as a means of disposing of them, they realize that the girl’s death might not have been a suicide. As Prince mulls over this, the lights suddenly turn off and the members are engulfed by darkness. Kyuhyun manages to find a lighter and lights it, only to find the dead girl’s ghost staring at them. The flame flickers, and the screen cuts to darkness.

Guest appearance: Siwon

Pearl Blue Team: The School Gang[edit]

Team: Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kangin, Ryeowook

The group of school bullies – Donghae, Eunhyuk and leader, Ryeowook– always pick on Kangin and beat him up. As a compromise, Ryeowook tells Kangin the story of the student who committed suicide after being scolded by the teacher, daring him to go into that classroom at midnight with a video camera. Thinking they will no longer bully him if he complies, Kangin agrees. However, the bullies plan to hide in the school and scare Kangin with monster masks once he comes. But little do they know, something else waits for them in the school at night.

Guest appearance: Kibum

Episode 2[edit]

Theme: Dangerous Friendship[edit]

Last Round's Results[edit]

Prince Team with 11:04 PM:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 6652 votes
    • Score out of 100: 30 points
  • Professional judges' score: 65 points
  • Final score: 95 points

Pearl Blue Team with The School Gang:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 15682 votes
    • Score out of 100: 70 points
  • Professional judges' score: 35 points
  • Final score: 105 points

Winner: Pearl Blue Team


  • Passing card using only the lips

Winning Team: Prince

Bonus: ride in a convertible and have an A-list actress make a cameo appearance.

Losing Team punishment: Do the Boobie Boobie dance, have a 'kiss on the forehead and wipe away tears' scene.

Prince Team: Room Mate[edit]

Team: Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun

Sungmin falls into depression after his girlfriend Hye Kyo is killed in a car accident. His room mates try to cheer him up, but nothing is working. A new room mate arrives, introducing himself as Kyuhyun. Strangely, Sungmin begins to notice unique traits in Kyuhyun that Hye Kyo used to have, like not adding the dried vegetables to ramyun, listening to stereo players, and the same characters of their given names. Sungmin and Kyuhyun grow closer and feel sparks. Shindong, however, grows increasingly suspicious of Kyuhyun...

Guest appearance: Song Hye-kyo, Kibum

Pearl Blue Team: Happy Together[edit]

Team: Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, Kangin,

A new dance group called Happy Together is training at solo artist Siwon's dance studio, but they are then scolded for messing around. In their apartment, with the electricity cut off, Leeteuk suggests they play an intimate truth game to pass the time. The next day, halfway towards Busan to perform as Siwon's backup dancers, they are informed that the concert is cancelled. With little money and nowhere else to stay the night, they share one room together in a nearby hotel. What will happen tonight?

Guest appearance: Siwon

Episode 3[edit]

Theme: First Love[edit]

Last Round's Results[edit]

Prince Team with Room Mate:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 16685 votes
    • Score out of 100: 55 points
  • Professional judges' score: 45 points
  • Final score: 100 points

Pearl Blue Team with Happy Together:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 13924 votes
    • Score out of 100: 45 points
  • Professional judges' score: 55 points
  • Final score: 100 points

Winner: Tied


  • Heart Love game

Winning Team: Prince

Bonus: A lavish love confession scene, and will choose a member of the other team to dress up as a girl.

Losing Team punishment: A slap in the face scene, and a scene wearing winter clothes

Prince Team: Last Concert[edit]

Team: Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Shindong, Yesung

Kyuhyun is the school bully who is feared by Sungmin, Shindong and Ryeowook. As Kyuhyun throws Sungmin's squash to the ground, by fate it lands in front of Solbi's foot. Kyuhyun is entranced by her beauty. He finds out that she is part of the Church band and immediately goes to audition. One day, Kyuhyun sees Yesung breaking up with Solbi. He comforts her as she cries, and they soon grow closer. He tells Solbi to come to the church tonight so he can confess his feelings to her. However, Solbi never turns up, and Kyuhyun is heartbroken. Three years later, Kyuhyun finds out Solbi never turned up because of a misunderstanding, and that she has terminal cancer. To finally confess his true love to the dying Solbi, Kyuhyun holds one last concert for her.

Guest appearance: Solbi, Danji, Kibum

Pearl Blue Team: Love Game[edit]

Team: Leeteuk, Kangin, Donghae, Eunhyuk

The members find Siwon sitting alone and crying, saying that his girlfriend just broke up with him. They all end up telling the story of their first love, a woman named Gilgun. All the members whip out a picture of her, including Siwon, and realize they had all dated the same person, and that she was none other than the famous singer Gilgun. At that moment, she appears on television and confesses that she had dated lots of young idols, but says they were all genuine relationships, except Choi whom she dated only for his good looks. Kangin announces that it is their job to protect Gilgun, and all, except Siwon, run out. Siwon sinks his head on the table and cries again.

Guest appearance: Siwon, Gilgun

Episode 4[edit]

NG Special. All the bloopers while filming the dramas from the last three episodes.

Episode 5[edit]

Awards ceremony, hosted by Kim Shin Young and Tak Jae Hoon, determining which team will win the trip to Japan.

Best Scared Award[edit]

  • Kyuhyun - 11:04PM
  • Kangin - The School Gang
  • Sungmin - 11:04PM
  • Donghae - The School Gang
  • RYEOWOOK - The School Gang

Best Love Scene Award[edit]

  • Kangin & Gilgun - Love Game
  • '''KYUHYUN & SOLBI - Last Concert
  • Leeteuk & Gilgun - Love Game
  • Yesung & Danji - Last Concert
  • Donghae & Gilgun - Love Game

Best Couple Award[edit]

  • Yesung & Ryeowook - Room Mate
  • DONGHAE & EUNHYUK - Happy Together
  • Kangin & Leeteuk - Happy Together
  • Sungmin & Kyuhyun - Room Mate

Last Round's Results[edit]

Prince Team with Last Concert:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 10550 votes
    • Score out of 100: 52 points
  • Professional judges' score: 57 points
  • Final score: 109 points

Pearl Blue with Love Game:

  • Viewers' internet votes: 9738 votes
    • Score out of 100: 48 points
  • Professional judges' score: 43 points
  • Final score: 91 points

Winner: Prince Team

Because they had tied 2:2, both teams won the Dream Vacation to Japan.