Super Liga Femenil de Fútbol

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Super Liga Femenil de Fútbol
Country Mexico
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 2007
Number of teams 19
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Liga Premier Femenil
Current champions FCA Universidad Autónoma
(Apertura 2013)
Most championships Morelia FC (4 titles)
TV partners AYM Sports
Sky Sports Mexico

The Super Liga Femenil de Fútbol is the top level women's football league in the Mexican football league system. The league was made as an attempt to help women's football grow in Mexico. The first nationwide league was established in 2007. Record champions are Morelia FC with four titles.

Competition format[edit]

The league is played in the Apertura and Clausura format, meaning two seasons are played each year. In the year's first half the Clausura and in the later half the Apertura. The league is divided into two groups, for the 2010 Clausura made up of 11 and 12 teams. After the regular season, playoffs will be played between the best placed teams in each group. Starting from the 2010 Clausura season the playoffs teams will be the first 4 of each group. In previous years up to 8 teams advanced of each group.


On 28 September 2007, the Super Liga Femenil started with two games: America versus Guadalajara and Universidad de Guadalajara versus UNAM. [1]


The list of all finals:[2][3] In the final there is no away goals rule.

Tournament Winner Score Runner up
Apertura 2007 Dragonas Oriente 2–1, 4–1 Leonas Negras UdeG
Clausura 2008 Morelia 1–0, 3–1 Oro Jalisco
Apertura 2008 Morelia 1–1, 1–0 C.D. Guadalajara
Clausura 2009 C.D. Guadalajara 3–0, 1–1 Andrea's Soccer
Apertura 2009 Morelia 0–2, 2–0 aet (5–4 pen) Celestes AS
Clausura 2010 Leonas Negras UdeG 1–1, 2–1 Tlaquepaque
Apertura 2010 Celestes AS 0–0, 0–0 aet (4–3 pen.) Morelia
Clausura 2011 Celestes AS 0–0, 1–0 Morelia
Apertura 2011[4] Morelia 2–2, 0–0 aet (3–2 pen.) Celestes AS
Clausura 2012[5] Investigadoras PF 1–2, 4–2 Ángeles Morva
Apertura 2012 Investigadoras PF 5–1, 2–1 Club Laguna
Clausura 2013 Estudiantes Queretaro 1–1, 4–3 FCA Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi
Apertura 2013[6] FCA Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi 0–1, 2–0 aet Ángeles Morva
Clausura 2014 Garzas UAEH (Hidalgo) 5–2 Xoloitzcuintlas (Tijuana)
Apertura 2014
Clausura 2015 Felipe Neri 3–1 Panteras


At the end of Apertura 2012 there were 19 teams in the league:[7]

Team City/Area Stadium
Albinegras de Orizaba Orizaba, Veracruz
América ALHER Ciudad de México
Ángeles Morva Puebla
Azteca Panthers Ciudad de México
Club Laguna Ciudad de México
Estudiantes Querétaro Querétaro, Querétaro
FCA UASLP San Luis Potosí
Galeana Morelos Ciudad de México
Guerreras Tlaxcala Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
Investigadoras PF Ciudad de México
Jaguares Aldana Estado de México
Lioness FC Metepec, Estado de México
MacroSoccer Estado de México
Panteras Hidalgo Tulancingo, Hidalgo
Potras UAEM Toluca, Estado de México
Pumas UNAM Ciudad de México
Real Halcones Ciudad de México
SNTE D.F. Sección 10 Ciudad de México
UASLP San Luis Potosí, SLP

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