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Super Malon
Super Malon. (Left to right: Cachiru, Yaguarette (kneeling), El Lobizon, Pampero, La Salamanca (in front), Vizacacha, El Bagual, and Cimarron) from Flash Annual #13 by Enrique Alcatena.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash Annual #13 (2000)
Created by Chuck Dixon (writer)
Enrique Alcatena (artist)
In-story information
Base(s) Argentina
Member(s) Cachiru
La Salamanca
El Yaguareté
El Lobizón
El Bagual

Super Malon is a fictional comic book superhero team published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Flash Annual #13 (2000), and were created by Chuck Dixon and Enrique Alcatena.

Publication history[edit]

Super Malon was introduced during the 'Planet DC' Annuals event of the nineties, an initiative to introduce international heroes. A few members of the team later appeared battling the Cheetah in an issue of Wonder Woman. Cimarrón later made a cameo appearance in Batman Incorporated #3, pretending to be a crime lord named Black Miguel.


The Super Malon (Spanish: Súper Malón) were inspired by 1950s Argentine hero the Gaucho, a founding member of the The Dome. The heroes are a mix of fledgling adventurers and experienced vigilantes. Together, the Super Malon are the modern defenders of Argentina. Many of their personal origins remain a secret, their identities seem to have been influenced by Argentine folklore and traditional beliefs.


  • Cachiru - Cachiru is a winged cross between Hawkman and Batman. He once was romantically involved with La Salamanca.
  • La Salamanca - La Salamanca possesses elemental powers, and has the ability to astrally project her spirit self. Her astral form can remain separated from her body for three hours.
  • El Yaguareté - Yaguareté is a super speedster wearing a Jaguar skin costume.
  • Cimarrón - Cimarrón is a sword-wielding swashbuckling hero.
  • El Lobizón - El Lobizón is a non-infectious lycanthrope.
  • Pampero - Pampero can control wind currents and create storms. His name comes from a specific type of Argentine wind.
  • El Bagual - El Bagual is a horse headed super-strong and nigh invulnerable humanoid. His name comes from a Spanish term for an untamed horse.
  • Vizacacha - Vizacacha is a master thief and acrobat. His name and costume are presumably inspired by the vizcacha, a chinchilla-like animal that lives in the Andes and Central Region of Argentina.

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