Super Methane Bros.

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Super Methane Bros.
Super Methane Bros sm.png
Amiga screenshot (level 9)
Developer(s) Apache Software
Platform(s) Amiga, Amiga CD32, Windows, Linux, RISC OS
Release 1993 (Amiga)
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) One or two player

Super Methane Brothers is a clone of Taito's Bubble Bobble arcade game released for Amiga in 1993 by Apache Software.[1]


Puff and Blow each have a Methane Gas Gun which fires a cloud of immobilising gas. If this comes into contact with a bad guy, he will be absorbed into the gas and then float around the screen for a limited time. Bad guys are harmless in this state. Puff and Blow must suck the floating gas clouds into their guns and blast them out against a vertical surface. Bad guys then turn into bonuses which can be collected.

Reception and legacy[edit]

Super Methane Bros was received mixed with 72% in Amiga Power issue 39 from July 1994.[2]

With permission from Apache Software Ltd a modern port under GPLv2 with the original assets was released in 2001.[3][4] This game has ports for Microsoft Windows, Linux and RISC OS. The source code and project is hosted on Sourceforge, latest update was in 2011.[5]

In 2009 a iOS version was released by Mobila Interactive, LLC.[6][7]

Between 2005 and May 2017 Super Methane Bros. was downloaded from Sourceforge alone over 48,000 times.[8]

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