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Super One
IndustryRetail (Grocery & Discount)
FoundedGrand Rapids, Minnesota[1]
HeadquartersHermantown, Minnesota, U.S. (near Duluth)
Number of locations
Key people
Tony and Ida Miner, Founders[2]
Jim Miner, CEO[2]
ProductsGroceries, Specialty Foods, General Merchandise
Number of employees
Approx. 1,500
Super One is visited by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Super One Foods is a chain of Supermarkets, with 30 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.[1] The chain is owned and operated by Miner's, Inc., a privately held company. A small number of the stores in the chain are branded as U-Save Foods, and a Duluth store is named Woodland Marketplace.


In 1943, Tony and Ida Miner opened a tavern in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.[1] When Tony noticed that many customers left early in the evening so they could buy their bread and milk before their nearby grocery store closed for the day, he added a milk cooler and bread to the items he sold. Thus was the beginning of their entry into the grocery business.[1]

Tony and Ida built their first grocery store, Miner´s Market, on the west side of Grand Rapids. By 1954, the family had added on to the original store and changed the name to Piggly Wiggly.[2]

In 1963, the Miners opened their second store in Virginia, Minnesota. Two years later, the family moved to Duluth and opened a third store in Duluth's Woodland neighborhood. Shortly thereafter they made this location their headquarters because it was located close to one of their major suppliers.[2]

Tony and Ida retired in 1975 and their son Jim became president of the company. Around this time, as the company was building a new warehouse in Duluth, the stores were re-branded with the name Super One. The store in Cloquet, Minnesota was the first to receive a Super One sign in 1977. Since then, many other Super One locations have been opened, with a current total of 30.[2]

In 2014, a large store on East Second Street in Superior, Wisconsin was opened. The project was delayed for over a year while the owner of adjacent real estate near the proposed site refused to sell.[3]


There are currently 21 store locations in Minnesota, four in Wisconsin and five in Upper Michigan; the most recent in Roseau, Minnesota.[4]

The Super One store in International Falls, Minnesota is under different ownership. However, Miner's Inc., owns a County Market store there.[5]

Most stores have an in-store bakery and deli.

Charitable giving[edit]

Super One has supported charitable causes that promote the health, education, and the well being of the community it serves.[6]

An example is a fundraiser that benefitted Solvay Hospice House in Duluth.[7] According to organizers, more than $30,000 was raised for the hospice house.[7] In addition, a local hospital foundation partnered with Super One for several years in a row and sold $1 ornaments.

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