Super R-Type

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Super R-Type
SuperrtypeSNES boxart.JPG
North American cover art
Developer(s) Irem
Composer(s) Yasuhiro Kawakami
Takushi Hiyamuta
Hiroshi Kimura
Platform(s) SNES, Wii (Virtual Console)
Release SNES
  • NA: September 1, 1991[1]
  • JP: July 13, 1991
  • EU: June 4, 1992
Virtual Console
  • JP: January 29, 2008
  • NA: March 17, 2008[2]
  • PAL: March 14, 2008[3]
Genre(s) Horizontal scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Super R-Type (スーパー・アール・タイプ, Sūpā Āru Taipu) is a shooter game for the SNES, developed and published by Irem in 1991. It is a partial port of R-Type II, borrowing stages and enemies, but introducing several of its own. The game has been re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan, North America, and PAL regions in 2008.


Super R-Type borrows four stages from R-Type II and adds three new ones. The game is known for its high difficulty (even compared to other games in the series), particularly because of its lack of checkpoints, since dying means restarting the level from scratch.[4] Also, this game suffers from slowdown, which was also a problem in many early games for this system. But unlike the others Super R-Type slows down to virtual standstill when there are many things on the screen.[5] However, this proved useful for players when there were many obstacles on screen because it was easier to avoid them.[6]

Weapon types[edit]

  • Red: The Counter-air Laser, a powerful red and blue double transverse wave. This also fires its first-level equivalents, a red and a blue arrow-shaped laser shot, from the Bits, should the player have any.
  • Blue: The Rebound Laser, three long, thin, cyan lasers, one straight, two at 45° angles from the Force, that reflect off walls.
  • Yellow: The Counter-ground Laser, two long fireball chains released vertically from the Force that slink along the ceiling and floor.
  • Green: The Spread Laser, which fires a spread arc of eight orange fireballs.
  • Gray: The Shotgun Bomb, which launches a shell that explodes powerfully a short ways from the R-9.

Refer to the main R-Type article for more about the Force and Bits.


On March 14, 2008, the game was released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console service in Europe and Australia.[3] The game was made available on the Virtual Console in North America on March 17, 2008.[2] However, it was removed from the Virtual Console on March 30, 2012 in North America and on March 31, 2012 in Europe.


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