Super Sōya

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Super Sōya
KiHa 261 series DMU on a Super Sōya service, March 2006
Service typeLimited express
First service11 March 2000
Current operator(s)JR Hokkaido
Distance travelled396.2 km (246.2 mi)
Average journey time5 hours
Service frequencyTwo return services daily
Line(s) usedHakodate Main Line, Sōya Main Line
Rolling stockKiHa 261 series DMUs
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Operating speed130 km/h (80 mph)

The Super Sōya (スーパー宗谷) is a limited express train service between Sapporo and Wakkanai in Hokkaido, which is operated by Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido). It was named Sōya until 2000.

Service pattern[edit]

There are two trains per day running in both directions, with a journey time of approximately five hours. Trains operate at a maximum speed of 130 km/h (80 mph).[1]

The train operates over the same route as the Sarobetsu, which stops at more stations and takes 20 to 30 minutes longer.[2]

Station stops[edit]

Sapporo - Iwamizawa - Takikawa - Fukagawa - Asahikawa - Wassamu - Shibetsu - Nayoro - Bifuka - Otoineppu - Teshio-Nakagawa - Horonobe - Toyotomi - Minami-Wakkanai - Wakkanai

Rolling stock[edit]

Services are normally formed of 4-car KiHa 261 series tilting DMUs, which were introduced from the start of services on 11 March 2000.[3][4] These are lengthened to 6 cars during busy seasons.


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