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Super Squadron is a role-playing game published by Adventure Simulations (Australia) in 1983.


Super Squadron is a superhero system.[1] The "Rule Book" (60 pages) covers character creation and descriptions of over 75 powers, magic spells, artifacts, encounters, world background, and romantic involvements.[1] The "Adventure Book" (24 pages) includes 10 miniscenarios of gradually increasing complexity that teach the GM and player how to play.[1] The game comes with a character record sheet pamphlet.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Super Squadron was designed by Joseph Italiano and published by Adventure Simulations in 1983 as a 60-page book and a 24-page book.[1] The second edition was published in 1984 as a boxed set including a 60-page book and a 24-page book, and a pamphlet.[1]

Super Science was the final supplement with expanded rules on powers, vehicles and running a space campaign.



  • Space Gamer V1, #73 (March/April, 1985)
  • Multiverse (Issue 4 - Winter 1985)
  • Game News (Issue 3 - May 1985)


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