Super Sunshine

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Super Sunshine
Studio album by Gary Chaw
Released 4 January 2008
Genre Mandarin pop
Label Rock Records
Gary Chaw chronology
Super Sunshine

Super Sunshine is Gary Chaw's third album was released on 4 January 2008.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs composed by Gary Chaw; "Super Sunshine" contains sample of Jimmie Davis' composition (or Traditional Ukrainian folk melody) "You Are My Sunshine"; "你的歌" contains samples of previously Gary Chaw's own songs.
  • Lyricists are listed below.
  1. Super Sunshine
    Lyricist: 阿丹
  2. 起床歌
    Lyricists: Gary Chaw/阿丹
  3. 無辜
    Lyricist: 王中言
  4. 妹妹要快樂
    Lyricist: 鄔裕康
  5. 吹吹風
    Lyricists: Gary Chaw/阿丹
  6. 奈斯男孩
    Lyricist: 阿丹
  7. 單數
    Lyricist: 李焯雄
  8. 愛到最後一秒也不委屈
    Lyricist: 姚謙
  9. 愛愛
    Lyricist: 鄔裕康
  10. 愛的弧度
    Lyricist: 林夕
  11. 你的歌
    Lyricist: Gary Chaw


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