Super Trolley

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Super Trolley
Super trolley c64 cover.jpg
Developer(s) Icon Design Ltd.
Publisher(s) Mastertronic
Platform(s) Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum Commodore 64, MSX
Release 1988
Genre(s) Action

Super Trolley, is a 1988 video game produced by Icon Design Ltd. where the player takes control of a supermarket employee.


Players control a supermarket worker who is tasked with stocking the supermarket shelves, finding lost babies and removing dogs from the store. The objective of the game is to successfully complete each day's tasks from Monday through to Saturday, the latter being the busiest day of the week, without being sacked. As this is accomplished the player's character is promoted, eventually becoming the store manager and sacking his former employer.[1]

Before shelves can be filled the player must price each item in the warehouse,[2] which involves attaching labels to goods.[3]


The game was developed after a wish by Andrew Collett was sent to the television programme Jim'll Fix It.[3]

Critical response[edit]

Review scores
Publication Score
CVG 21/40[5]
Crash 54%[4]

The game received average reviews, with some magazines not offering coverage.


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