Super Trucks Racing

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Super Trucks Racing
Super Trucks
Super Trucks.jpg
European PlayStation 2 box art
Developer(s) Jester Interactive[1]
Designer(s) Steve Humphries[2]
David Kirk[2]
Platform(s) PlayStation 2[1]
Genre(s) Truck racing[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Super Trucks Racing (known in Europe as Super Trucks) is a truck racing video game for the PlayStation 2. All drivers and sponsor information are based on 2002 season of the Super Trucks racing series.

According to the European box art, the game compares itself to TOCA on steroids. However, the North American box art is considered to be a simplified version of the box art seen in Europe. All visual effects and reviews are absent in the North American release and the ESRB rating is shown instead of the ELSPA rating. The theme song used at the opening title is "Bug" and is sung in a heavy metal-style by the band Feeder.[3] Most of the other songs in the game are considered to be techno music done to the tune of the souped up engines at more than 122.0 miles per hour (196.3 km/h).[4] This makes the trucks slightly faster than their real-life counterparts who are restricted to a maximum speed limit of 100.0 miles per hour (160.9 km/h) for safety reasons.


While the player doesn't have to worry about refueling his or her truck with gasoline, the player must maintain the temperature of his or her brakes by cooling them with water. An option in the menu can be toggled so this task can either be done manually or automatically by the game. Since there isn't an unlimited amount of water to cool the brakes, even automatic brake cooling doesn't automatically guarantee that the brake temperatures will remain cool in the longer races or practice sessions.

These specialized trucks are eighteen wheelers that are modified for racing on road courses; a large majority of these courses are located in Europe[4] (including the Circuit Paul Armagnac in Nogaro, France). Formula One-like physics and turning dominate the tracks.[4] Darlington Raceway (referred to in-game as "Darlington Autodrome" for no apparent reason) is considered to be one of the few North American courses in the game. However, it uses right as well as left turns like a road course instead of the standard oval used for NASCAR racing. All the real-world drivers that are in the game are European in origin.[4] Although the pit lane can be seen while driving through the start/finish line, the entrance to the pit lane is blocked and pit stops are not permitted in any mode of the game.

Gameplay modes[edit]

Mode name Description
Championship The player must guide his or her chosen driver to progressively harder championships. Five major championships with different rules are used.[4] Harder championships are unlocked with championship victories in the easier tournaments.
Single Race This mode consists of racing against either a friend or the computer for bragging rights on a course. Tracks for racing in the single race mode must be unlocked by winning its respective race on the championship mode. Otherwise, the player is stuck with three race tracks.
Arcade Mode The arcade mode comes with special arcade timing similar to old-school racing games like Pole Position.
Time Trial Mode Time in this mode is recorded for up to 100 hours (roughly equivalent to 4.2 days) and an unlimited number of laps.
Elimination Mode Ten drivers must race against each other until there is only one driver remaining. However, this must be unlocked before the option can be selected.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 63.54%
Metacritic 66/100
Review scores
Publication Score
Game Informer 68%
GamesMaster 56%
GameSpot 71%
IGN 6.4/10
OPM (US) 30%
OPM (UK) 1.5/10
Play 67%

The game received mixed reception.


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