Superbarrio Gómez

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Superbarrio Gómez
Superbarrio, Mexico City, July 30, 2006
Born Marco Rascón Córdova
Nationality Mexican
Occupation Crimefighter, satirist
Honors Appeared in Crisis #7 and #8
The logo of Superbarrio seen in Mexico City

Superbarrio Gómez is a Mexican "real-life superhero," celebrity, satirist, and organizer.[1]

Superbarrio wears red tights and a red and yellow wrestler's mask. Rather than fight crime and corruption with violence, he uses his image to organize labor rallies and protests, and file petitions. His real identity was unknown for a long time, but he has been revealed to be Marco Rascón Córdova.[2]

In 1996 Superbarrio declared himself a "candidate" for the 1996 United States Presidential Election and held "mock" campaign rallies in the United States and Mexico.[3]



Two books have been written about Superbarrio: Todos Somos Superbarrio (We are all Superbarrio) by Mauricio-José Schwarz and De Superman a Superbarrios (From Superman to Superbarrio) by Hans Röeder.

Superbarrio has appeared in the British comic book series (2000 AD Presents) Crisis #7 and #8. Superbarrio appeared as an activist trying to prevent multi-national corporations from taking advantage of Latin American Third World nations in the Third World War storyline by Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra.


Superbarrio Gómez has appeared in numerous documentaries including "Megacities"[4] by Michael Glawogger, where he talked about living in Mexico City and "Super Amigos"[5] where Superbarrio and other Mexican luchadors/real life super heroes battle corruption, homophobia, animal exploitation, pollution and poverty in Mexico City.


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