Superbia (DC Comics)

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Type City-state
Notable characters International Ultramarine Corps
First appearance JLA #26 (February 1999)
Publisher DC Comics

Superbia was a mobile city-state in DC Comics continuity. It initially floated above the radioactive ruins of Montevideo, Uruguay, which was destroyed by a villain called Vandal Savage. For several years, it is the home of the Ultramarine Corps, superheroes who were started by the corrupt United States military officer General Wade Eiling. After recovering from Eiling's manipulations, the Corp struck out on their own in concert with former members of the Global Guardians and any other heroes who wished to join them.

The city was subsequently destroyed in Africa during the course of a takeover by Gorilla Grodd, Nebula Man and elements of the Sheeda. It crashed into the already ravaged city Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, destroying much of it.[1] Many Superbian citizens were slain, at least one was eaten by Grodd.

Superbia made an appearance in issue 4 of Final Crisis, where it served as Watchtower 5 of the global resistance against Darkseid. It was shown under attack by the justifiers, with Warmaker[dead link] stating that "Superbia is falling! ... International Ultramarine Corps Headquarters is going down!" Its subsequent destruction was not shown, only implied.