Intertec Superbrain

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Intertec Superbrain
Intertec Superbrain.jpg
The twin-Z80 Intertec Superbrain.
Manufacturer Intertec Data Systems Corp.
Type microcomputer
Release date 1979; 39 years ago (1979)
Operating system CP/M

The Intertec Superbrain was an all-in-one commercial microcomputer first sold by Intertec Data Systems Corp. in 1979. The machine ran the operating system CP/M and was somewhat unusual in that it used dual Z80 CPUs, the second being used as a disk controller. In 1983, the basic machine sold for about $2000.

There were several variants, including the Superbrain II, Superbrain II Jr., "QD" (quad density disk drives) and "SD" (super density) models.

The Superbrain is notable for being at the user end of the first Kermit connection in 1981.

The machine was practical and useful in the office environment, but somewhat limiting until the arrival of the first 5MB hard disks in one of the floppy drive bays. This was soon replaced by the 10MB Winchester thus effectively removing all limitations on what could be programmed and stored.


Model Number Processor Disk Drives Clock Speed
10 (Compustar) Z80 No drives network device 4 MHz
Jr Z80 170Kb 4 MHz
QD (Quad Density) Z80 340Kb 4 MHz
SD Z80 780Kb 4 MHz


  • DSS-10 10Mb Hard Disk
  • CDC 96Mb Hard Disk with removable platter
  • Priam 14" 144mb Hard Disk


  • Microsoft Basic
  • 8080 Assembler
  • Microsoft Cobol 74

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