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The Superbrands organization publishes surveys related to brands. The organization also publishes a series of brand-focused books and publications. Superbrands has offices in 55 countries.[1]


Superbrands was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994. It began as a radio show on GLR (now BBC Radio London). The Superbrand organization was founded in 1995.

Selection criteria[edit]

In each country that Superbrands operates in, it elects a "Superbrands Council" which selects brands and awards them the title of "Superbrands".

The Superbrands book
An edition of Business Superbrands.


In the U.S., the book is called America's Greatest Brands.

Each participating country publishes its own Superbrands book, which promotes brands in that country. Each brand’s editorial has sub-sections which cover the brand’s market, achievements, history, product or service, recent developments, promotional activities, brand values, and a “things you didn’t know” boxed-section. Other publications in the Superbrands stable include Business Superbrands,[2] CoolBrands, Sport BrandLeaders, and eSuperbrands. In the United States, their publications are called America's Greatest Brands.

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