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Superchick discography
Studio albums 5
Music videos 3
Singles 14
Remix albums 2
Greatest hits albums 1

The Christian rock / pop group Superchick released their first album, Karaoke Superstars, in 2001 and they released a total of five full-length studio albums ending with the 2008's Rock What You Got with remix albums in 2003 and 2010. After the band broke up, they released a greatest hits album, Recollection, in 2013. The band released over a dozen singles from these albums, starting with "Barlow Girls". Eight of songs hit the Top 10 on at least one chart. Superchick's signature song, "Stand in the Rain", spend nine weeks at No. 1 on the R&R Christian CHR chart. Their final song was the 2013 remake of Plus One's "One Breath" under its subtitle "Five Minutes at a Time".

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
(sales thresholds)
2001 Karaoke Superstars
2002 Last One Picked
  • Released: October 8, 2002
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD, DI
2005 Beauty from Pain
  • Released: March 29, 2005
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD
126 6
2006 Beauty from Pain 1.1
  • Released: July 18, 2006
  • Label: Columbia
  • Format: CD
2008 Rock What You Got
  • Released: June 24, 2008
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD,DI
65 2

Remix albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
(sales thresholds)
2003 Regeneration[1]
  • Released: October 21, 2003
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD, DI
2010 Reinvention
  • Released: April 20, 2010
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD

Greatest hits albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
(sales thresholds)
2013 Recollection
  • Includes five new songs
  • Released: November 29, 2013
  • Label: Inpop
  • Format: CD/DVD


Year Single US Christian Album
2001 "Barlow Girls" Karaoke Superstars
2002 "Big Star Machine" 4
"So Bright (Stand Up)" 5 Last One Picked
2003 "Hero " 15 3
"Me Against The World" 5 Regeneration
2005 "Pure" 3 6 Beauty From Pain
"We Live" 10 7
2006 "Anthem" 29
"It's On" 19 21
"Stand in the Rain" 1 Beauty From Pain 1.1
2008 "Hold" 3 Rock What You Got
"Hey Hey" 15
2009 "Cross the Line" 19
2011 "Still Here" 25 Reinvention
2013 "Five Minutes at a Time"[3] Recollection

Other songs[edit]

  • "Holy Moment" (Matt Redman Cover) - Unshakeable
  • "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Tour 2007
  • "Silent Night" - Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Tour 2007
  • "Love Is a Battlefield" (Pat Benatar Cover) - Live Love Tour 2006
  • "The Water Buffalo Song" - Veggie Rocks!

In popular media[edit]

Superchick's songs have made over 70 placements in films, television, and video games.[1]


TV shows[edit]

  • "Get Up" was used in:
    • the CBBC show "Sadie J" in the fourth episode titled "Slumberlicious"
    • episode 20 "Anonymous" from Joan of Arcadia's first season
  • "One Girl Revolution" was featured in season 1 episode "An Unexpected Call" of The Hills
  • "Alright" was used at the start of Joan of Arcadia episode 19 Do The Math from season 1
  • "Anthem" from the album Beauty From Pain was:
  • "We Live" is used as the theme song for the ABC series Brothers & Sisters.
  • "Rock What You Got" was featured in:
    • an episode of The Hills
    • a radio commercial for E!'s reality show "Denise Richards: It's complicated"
    • the show Make It or Break It during season 1's fifth episode, "Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel"
  • "Stand In The Rain" was featured as the trailer instrumental for the fifth season of The Hills.
  • "So Beautiful" was featured:
    • as the theme song for Running In Heels
    • in a trailer of ABC's new show True Beauty.
  • "Hey Hey" and "Alive" was used in the season finale of Make It Or Break It, 2010.[citation needed]
  • "Still Here" was used in the Make It Or Break It episode titled 'Life or Death'.[citation needed]
  • "Hero" was used as NBC's theme song in 2009.[citation needed]
  • "Cross The Line" was featured in:
    • the Make It Or Break It episode titled "To Thine Own Self Be True".[citation needed]
    • an episode of The City.
  • "One More" is featured in the hit drama "Make It Or Break It" season two finale episode titled "Worlds Apart", during Kaylie Cruz's floor routine. (SEAS2;EP20)
  • Their music has been used as background music in the television show Making the Band.

Video games[edit]

Superchick has a total of four songs which appear in the Dance Praise series. Two can be found in Dance Praise 2: The ReMix, while two more are in the Contemporary Hits expansion pack:

Song Title Song Album Game/Expansion Pack
One Girl Revolution Karaoke Superstars Contemporary Hits
Pure Beauty From Pain
We Live Dance Praise 2: The ReMix
Stand In The Rain Beauty From Pain 1.1

Additionally, several Superchick songs were used in the PlayStation 2 video game S.L.A.I.: Steel Lancer Arena International[citation needed]

Music videos[edit]

"Barlow Girls"
"We Live"
"Cross The Line"


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